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Principal's Blog

18 Nov 2022
Able to close the week through connection with friends across the Federation of British International Schools network, I now look forward to joining the opening ceremony of the Tseung Kwan O Cross Link Bridge on Sunday. An impressive feat of engineering, 将会扩大通往乐活公园的直接通道,大大改善学生每天往返港岛的行程. The best primary school in Hong Kong is just about to move 15 minutes closer to Central.
Next week will also bring interaction with the Education Committee at the British Chamber, 全面回顾十大体育外围平台排名的运作计划,并由五年级和六年级的学生提供十大体育外围平台排名的第一季表演. 《十大体育外围平台排名》承诺会吸引十大体育外围平台排名,让十大体育外围平台排名着迷——它将带领十大体育外围平台排名整洁地走向由十大体育外围平台排名最年轻的学生主持的演讲,以及在学期倒数第二周举办的一场圣诞音乐会.

11 Nov 2022

Lest we forget.

The 11th November: an opportunity to remember those whose lives have been, and continue to be, affected by war. Huge thanks to students, parents and staff for their support and generosity this week.

与什鲁斯伯里家长协会一起举行的纪念死亡节的盛大活动为本周其他几个关键的接触点提供了一个合适的平台. Engagement with friends at The Standard, 十大体育外围平台排名接待了一批专业人士,为那些计划搬到什鲁斯伯里的学生提供支持。十大体育外围平台排名还为什鲁斯伯里的学生举办了三个面向家长的研讨会,旨在帮助他们更好地理解中国语言和文化. 

周一将迎来反欺凌周,以及什鲁斯伯里学校系列互动活动的开始. The week will conclude with a Heads' Conference hosted by the Federation of British International Schools in Asia, a weekend engagement with prospective parents and a charity walk across the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Link Bridge.

04 Nov 2022
Following a highly productive day with staff, centring upon a journey of self-study conducted alongside the Council of International Schools, our return from a much-deserved mid-term break was rather dramatically interrupted by the arrival of a typhoon this week. What a pleasure it was to close in full compliment and to end as we had begun, in the company of a supportive and engaged Governing body.
Huge thanks to John Clark and Carla Howarth for their time and attention this week, initially as participants at our first meeting of the academic year with the Board of Governors , and subsequently through separate engagements with students and parents.
Tomorrow, we mark Dia De Muertos with the Shrewsbury Parents Association, 为十大体育外围平台排名提供了一个机会,以尊重的态度反思十大体育外围平台排名祖先的努力,并将与遗产和个人文化有关的其他文化庆祝活动十大体育外围平台排名起来. Next week, we can look forward to hosting a series of webinars for parents on our Chinese language programme, 此外,我还会见了搬家行业的朋友们,他们似乎对在成功主办亚太地区商界领袖参加投资峰会后活动增加感到特别兴奋.

28 Oct 2022

Having spent the first few days on the mid-term break on campus alongside the operational team, I conclude it under canvas on Cheung Chau with my family. 

工作人员将于周一返回校园参加培训日,培训将集中在国际学校理事会的自学之旅上,然后我将主持新学年的理事会第一次会议. Students return on Tuesday 1st November and our first week back will conclude with a weekend celebration of culture, heritage and inclusion as we mark Dia de Muertos with the Shrewsbury Parents Association.

21 Oct 2022

Opening with dinner at the Hong Kong Club alongside parent representatives and local members of the Board of Governors, 成绩优异的上半学期的最后一周以庆祝学院日和在英国商会与教育委员会的会议结束. Never again will we take such fluid social interaction for granted.

I hope that families enjoy their time together over the course of a mid-term break. 十大体育外围平台排名欢迎学术团队回来参加以国际学校理事会自学为中心的员工培训日,并在11月1日(星期二)学生返回之前举行与董事会的第一次会议.

A flurry of seasonal concerts and performances will be upon us soon enough - we have so much to look forward to.

14 Oct 2022

The penultimate week of our first half term saw the launch of Parent Teacher Conferences. Primarily centring upon the settling of students into new class groups, 十大体育外围平台排名特别感谢那些能够在校园和当面加入十大体育外围平台排名的人的关注——十大体育外围平台排名再也不能把这种十大体育外围平台排名的机会视为理所当然了. 

一场令人振奋的独奏音乐会为这一周划上了句号,十大体育外围平台排名现在期待着与家长代表和当地理事会成员一起举办一场社交活动, alongside a meeting with the School Management Committee and another with the Education Committee at the British Chamber.

A much-deserved break now on the horizon, I hope that families enjoy their time together, particularly if they have chosen to travel outside of the region.

07 Oct 2022

The formal marking of our fifth academic year since foundation alongside British Consul General, Brian Davidson CMG, provided a particularly satisfying conclusion to a familiarly productive week on campus. With memories of a sun baked groundbreaking ceremony in the latter half of 2016 deceptively clear in my mind, it is difficult to envisage the passing of such a substantial period and yet here we are: five years, thousands of interconnected relationships, countless treasured memories. 

To all who have supported our journey, thank you.

Two weeks remain prior to the arrival of a mid-term break. Between now and then, our first Primary Recital of the year, dinner with a select group of parent representatives, student photographs and an update on House Points.

The second half of term will begin on Tuesday 1st November, following a staff training day and a meeting with the Board of Governors.

30 Sep 2022

With the visit of British Consul General, Mr Brian Davidson CMG, necessarily postponed, 与什鲁斯伯里家长协会和ISC研究中心的朋友们的交往,确保了我仍有良好的伙伴关系——课堂集会的情感回归,为我的学业提供了合适的最后高潮. We revert next week, 我非常期待通过周五的纪念长凳和牌匾来纪念成立五周年.

本学年的第一次黄昏之旅也即将到来,那些渴望在周三18:00亲自游览校园的人,十大体育外围平台排名热情地鼓励他们通过注册加入行列 here.

Parent Teacher Conferences also fall between now and the conclusion of our first half term. The first school break since the recent relaxation of re-entry requirements, when it arrives, I am sure that it will prove suitably rewarding.

23 Sep 2022

周末在一个国际学校博览会上,十大体育外围平台排名与未来的家长们进行了一系列富有成效的交流,确保十大体育外围平台排名在今年的第二次数字校园之旅返回时受到了热烈的欢迎. 在过去的五年里,十大体育外围平台排名在什鲁斯伯里培养了一种关怀和努力的文化,能与大家分享这一刻是多么的荣幸. The visit of the British Consul General, Mr Brian Davidson CMG, on Friday next week will mark this key milestone fittingly. 

Preparation for the delivery of a full campus tour, a meeting with student representatives and the formal opening of a memorial bench alongside Chair of the Board, Mr Bernard Chan, and School Supervisor, Mr Stephen Wong, now secure, and the transformation of a designated space on the ground floor in motion, we very much look forward to hosting.

16 Sep 2022

Our first class-led assembly concluded another positive and productive week, 而以儿童早期教育的重要性为中心的网络研讨会提供了一个有用的反思触发器:我选择以最纯粹的形式描述一种教育模式, 不受认证学习的限制,非常喜欢Telos Education的Cheryl Raper和Kids Connect的Emily Kwan的陪伴.

Next week will see the initiation of a first round of Parent Teacher Conferences. With discussion likely to focus upon the settling of new student groups, meetings will also support the positive early triangulation of views. Following the arrival of the South China Morning Post International Schools Fair, 十大体育外围平台排名也可以期待今年的第二次数字校园之旅,我非常期待校园之旅,并与那些将什鲁斯伯里确定为他们首选学校的家长们交流.

09 Sep 2022

As one light flickers out, another is lit. How sad we were to learn of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at the dawn of Mid Autumn Festival. 这位英国在位时间最长的君主留下了非凡的遗产,也给原本欢乐的一周画上了一个更为灰暗的句号.

新学年的第二周,十大体育外围平台排名的班级代表早早地开始了十大体育外围平台排名的绩效管理周期. Key indicators of a considered and now embedded sequence of engagement, classroom interactions are also now feeling familiarly urgent and purposeful.

A three-day weekend will precede the arrival of a first class-led assembly, a webinar with friends at Jardines centring upon the importance of early childhood education, and the South China Morning Post International Schools Fair. And I am particularly excited to be able to engage with families keen to learn more about the benefits of a Shrewsbury education.

02 Sep 2022

What a thrill it has been to see the return of students for our fifth academic year. 借此机会,我想向所有与第一周的成功相关的人表示诚挚的感谢:谢谢你们. 

The campus abuzz with activity, routines have been quickly established and learning engagements look familiarly sharp and focussed. The weekend arrives hard earned.

We can now look forward to the hosting of our first digital tour of the new academic year. Should you wish to learn more about the many unique advantages of a Shrewsbury education, you can register to join us on Wednesday at 10:30 here. 接下来的几天,十大体育外围平台排名也将有机会与怡和的朋友们十大体育外围平台排名,在本月晚些时候将举行一个围绕幼儿教育重要性的网络研讨会.

26 Aug 2022

周三,整个学术团队回归后,校园最外面的部分再次活跃起来,进行为期三天的入职培训, momentarily interrupted by the arrival of a typhoon. 围绕未来一年的一系列战略优先事项,并与国际学校理事会开启自学阶段, we now look forward to connecting with students and families tomorrow for a series of orientation meetings, shortly prior to the start of our fifth school year since foundation on Monday 29th August.

Plans to mark an anniversary of note already in the works, I have encouraged staff to reflect positively upon their (and our) accomplishments. We have faced and embraced arising challenge and grown ever more effective and efficient as a result.

The successful settling of students will take priority next week and I very much look forward to reconnecting - all else can wait.

19 Aug 2022

The early orientation and induction of a dynamic group of colleagues new to the region has rightfully drawn all focus this week. Now familiar with the shape of the school day and their geographical surrounds, we move swiftly onto pedagogical matters next week, and can look forward to the return of existing colleagues to bolster the ranks too.

Our three-day programme will provide an expansive overview of academic performance, strategic priorities for the year ahead and our upcoming journey of self study, conducted alongside the Council of International Schools following the early release of a community wide survey last week. We'll then gather newly assigned student groups for a series of orientation meetings prior to the start of term on Monday 29th August.

12 Aug 2022

Fresh from an unexpectedly shortened quarantine period, new colleagues emerged bright eyed and eager a few weeks prior to the start of a new academic term. 下周初将开始初步的入职课程,我知道他们将从学生们的友好和支持中汲取巨大的力量, parents and staff as they settle into their new roles.

They arrive in good time to support with a journey of self-study in partnership with the Council of International Schools following the delivery of an effusive report earlier this year. A series of surveys will land on Monday and will allow for the collection of views from students, parents and staff.

05 Aug 2022

Now back in the office and with plans for induction secure, 我最关注的是在国际学校理事会进行的自学,以及本周即将启动的学校社区调查.

Engagements with Support and Evaluation Officer, Helena Sobulis, have been enormously positive and we can now look forward to reconnecting shortly prior to the return of students on 29th August.

十大体育外围平台排名迈向认证的过程是战略计划的核心建设,将指引十大体育外围平台排名作为卓越中心的持续增长和发展. Parents keen to learn more about the benefits of association can do so here.

29 Jul 2022

While necessarily confined on return to the region following a short family break, 能与运营团队的成员远程十大体育外围平台排名是很有用的,在十大体育外围平台排名为新学年的开始做准备时,听到取得的进展是令人振奋的.

The receipt of a glowing report from the Council of International Schools proved a highlight of the week, 特别是考虑到学生们的努力和态度,以及什鲁斯伯里为他们提供的非凡机会.

Preparation for the induction of new teachers almost finalised, 十大体育外围平台排名非常期待利用十大体育外围平台排名的新同事的经验和技能,因为他们将有机会展示他们的才能.

22 Jul 2022

Due back in Hong Kong early next week, I look forward to returning to work and laying the foundations for the August induction of new colleagues, initially from the confines of quarantine.

With an enormously talented group due to touch down in just a few weeks time, our first sequence of interactions will prove critical to the speed at which they settle. Generosity, kindness and high expectations will drive our work in the knowledge that they will all be keen to hit the ground running.

15 Jul 2022

Back in Sydney and with the weather now vastly improved, 本周,我与运营团队取得了十大体育外围平台排名,了解到一系列繁忙的招生活动,以及纪念香港卓越教育五年的计划的出现.

No longer a new entity in the region, we point to a strong and verifiable track record and an exceptional collection of unique advantages. As we look ahead to the end of July, the new school year will be upon us soon.

08 Jul 2022

Outside of the region for the first time in almost three years, the summer break is already providing the opportunity for refreshment and reconnection. Plans for the new year percolating, we will soon look forward to the arrival and induction of a talented crop of teachers all keen to make their mark.

Our weekend at the farm will lead us back to the city on Monday and into the second week of three in Australia. Safely packed away up until now, Darwin will be keen to feature among the holiday snaps - we must remember to find a suitably impressive perch.

01 Jul 2022

Marked profoundly by extended periods of suspension, the last twelve months have provided a stern test of our commitment: to learning, to relationship building and to the maintenance of high standards. It hasn't always been easy, but we emerge triumphant.

At the end of our final week, I reflect most notably upon the accomplishments of our graduating class. An extraordinary group, 值得庆祝的是,十大体育外围平台排名是多么幸运,能够支持他们的旅程,并标志着十大体育外围平台排名的关系在个人和校园中的一个明显的转变. Forever Shrewsbury students and now Salopians.

24 JUN 2022

Soon to enter our final week, 在什鲁斯伯里家长协会年度大会上公布的一系列出色的学习成绩,是对学生们孜孜不倦的付出的适当奖励, parents and staff exhibited this year. Having worked in close partnership for the full duration of a fifty day suspension, we now know the positive impact of a determined and united effort. Academic achievement is up, markedly, across the board. Year on year, attainment at or beyond age-related expectations is up 10% in Mathematics, 12% in Reading and 14% in Writing: these are extraordinary figures, hard earned.

We mark the graduation of students in Year 6 next week. Having obtained placed at many of the leading schools in the region and beyond, I hope they revel in the limelight. An extraordinary group forever connected, by the experiences they have shared and the strength of their relationships. We will miss them enormously.

17 JUN 2022


今年学校管理委员会的最后一次会议和十大体育外围平台排名的绩效管理周期的结束提供了进一步的迹象:夏天即将到来. The Shrewsbury Parents Association Annual General Meeting will act as the fulcrum of our penultimate week, 但我也期待着与ISC Research的朋友们重新十大体育外围平台排名,参加Eduruptors学校会议和本年度最后一次数字之旅. With graduation also just around the corner, a much-deserved and appropriately-extended break arrives soon enough.

10 JUN 2022

Following a final meeting of the school year on Tuesday, Chair of the Board of Governors, Bernard Chan, was keen to express his fondest regards for students, parents and staff on approach to a well-deserved summer break. 他强调社会人士的大力支持和投入,是十大体育外围平台排名取得成功的关键.

Able to conclude the week with an extraordinary performance from Year 4 students, we now look forward: to meetings with the School Management Committee and friends at the British Chamber, as well as One World Week and the build up to the Shrewsbury Parents Association Annual General Meeting. Presentation at the Secondary School Education Forum comes first however, and with it the opportunity to talk in detail about the way in which we guide Shrewsbury students from Year 6 to Year 7.

03 JUN 2022

Able to draw the week to a spectacular conclusion thanks to Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the long weekend marks the onset of June and precedes a final meeting of the year with our Board of Governors.

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, we look forward to drawing once more upon the wisdom and guidance of a uniquely agile team. Next week will also see the delivery of a dramatic performance, led by students in Year 4, 以及来自什鲁斯伯里家族学校的中文教师聚集在一起,这是十大体育外围平台排名自己的Haze Kwok主办的年度会议的一部分.

With a series of summer themed presentations also on the horizon, we creep ever closer to graduation and the conclusion of another extraordinary year. 

27 MAY 2022

This week saw the final gathering of the Shrewsbury Parents Association prior to their Annual General Meeting, scheduled to take place on 22nd June - and what a remarkable impact they have made to the lives of students and families this year. With nomination for the 2022/23 academic year upcoming, those interested in joining the ranks are warmly encouraged to submit their interest at the earliest possible opportunity.

A trio of engagements with prospective parents in the middle of the week, to include the personal hosting of a twilight campus tour, also proved a real highlight, alongside the delivery of a final class-led assembly this term.

Meetings with parents of students in Year 5 will fill the morning tomorrow, as we conclude the process of secondary school shortlisting, and next week, we'll mark the Platinum Jubilee with a coronation carnival - students will be parading their homemade creations on Thursday.

20 MAY 2022

Neatly illustrating our commitment to the delivery of an expansive and progressive education, we started the week with the return of our Aquatics programme and concluded with a stirring series of musical performances, delivered as part of a final Recital Concert of the year. And how marvellously our students have responded. I remain unsure as to whether smiles can broaden any further, but the full resumption of a full Co-Curricular programme on Monday will certainly provide a stern test.

Next week - a mid-point. The sixth week in a term of eleven and the precursor to a Jubilee celebration. 

Three separate points of contact with prospective parents on Wednesday have been fuelled by demand, 此外,本周六上午将举行一系列的中学遴选会议,以彰显十大体育外围平台排名对学生长远发展的承诺,最终的毕业院校名单将很快公布. 

A flurry of final performances and engagements ahead, I will savour each and every one.

13 MAY 2022

With blustery weather a feature throughout, the week was most prominently marked by the visit of Council of International Schools (CIS) Support and Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis. 最初的反馈强调了积极的动力,展示了一个团队无限致力于雄心和幸福的学生特别奉献的身体. 

The strength of governance identified as another key asset, I will benefit from the opportunity to reflect more formally alongside the School Management Committee next week, where an upcoming meeting with the Board of Governors will also prove a keen point of discussion. Those keen to learn more about the way in which the school is advised, can do so here.

An engagement with the Education Committee at the British Chamber will provide a different, but no less valuable, counterpoint.

06 MAY 2022

Preparations for the visit of the Council of International Schools (CIS) Support and Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis, now complete, 十大体育外围平台排名期待着分享什鲁斯伯里教育的独特之处,同时也为十大体育外围平台排名学生取得的进步感到无比自豪, it is the quality of the relationships we share that truly define us.

CIS是一个致力于通过提供高质量的国际教育来培养全球公民的会员社区, connecting ideas, cultures and educators from every corner of the world - parents keen to learn more can do so here.

Visits to classrooms and meetings with students, parents, staff and governors will provide a holistic view, further contextualised by the details contained within a written report, previously submitted. Reflections will be drawn through the light provided by our own Mission and Values statements.


29 APR 2022

With plans for an upcoming Preparatory Evaluation Visit with the Council of International Schools now well underway, 十大体育外围平台排名第三个学期的第二周展示了十大体育外围平台排名最大的优势:努力的承诺和令人振奋的友爱无处不在.

Following return from an extended weekend break, the finalisation of plans for the arrival of assigned School Support and Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis, will draw deserving focus - our commitment to the process of renewal is deeply engrained and we very much look forward to the undertaking of a formal and structured reflection, informed by a robust and internationally recognised framework. Next week will also see the gathering of Student Council and the resumption of our Class Assembly schedule.

22 APR 2022

The thrilling return of students to campus this week followed a period of exactly fifty consecutive school days observed online. The last four days have not only illustrated the incredible strength and influence of the relationships we share, but validated the admirable commitment exhibited by all during such an extended phase of physical disconnection. With students having quickly found their rhythm, the future looks bright indeed.

While keen to continue to luxuriate in the company of our wonderful students, I also look forward to engaging with assigned Council of International Schools Evaluation Officer, Ms Helena Sobulis, next week, ahead of a Preparatory Evaluation Visit scheduled to take place in May. 与什鲁斯伯里家长协会的会议,以及我向董事会提交的第三份也是最后一份报告的开幕,也将使我有充足的时间.

At the end of an otherwise jubilant week, I would also like to take this opportunity to mark the passing of Mr Robin Chan earlier this week. Father of Chairman, Mr Bernard Chan, esteemed entrepreneur, philanthropist and ardent supporter of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, on behalf of the school community, I extend our deepest and sincerest condolences.

15 APR 2022

With news from the Education Bureau breaking earlier in the week, 带着兴奋和期待,十大体育外围平台排名期待着学生们在4月19日(星期二)回归,开始十大体育外围平台排名的第三个学期. While some may find themselves feeling a little anxious about the journey ahead, 他们可以放心,十大体育外围平台排名在支持学生安全、无缝返回方面处于非常有利的地位,并始终绝对致力于将儿童的健康和福祉作为第一要务.

在学生群体中观察到的案例现在不太可能对提供给他人的服务产生根本影响, we enter uncharted territory. A new set of challenges and opportunities will emerge. A pre-scheduled, mid-week touchpoint with the School Management Committee will provide a valuable opportunity to reflect upon our early observations.

08 APR 2022

Having enjoyed a brief but restorative break from campus earlier in the week, 我回来进行了一系列学术职位的面试,并对展览的质量和热情感到高兴.

Efforts next week will be shaped most prominently by the arrival of guidance pertaining to the resumption of schools on 19th April. On the understanding that documentation is now entering a final phase of development, I look forward to reconnecting with parents in regard to the return of students and the emerging shape and scope of school services.

01 APR 2022

政府将于明日下午与行政长官及教育局长举行会议,讨论制定一个支援架构,以保障校园安全复课, 今天早些时候,社区里的一位新成员的到来,让人们从必要的务实的回归规划过程中转移了注意力,这是可喜的:欢迎来到什鲁斯伯里, Darwin!

And the selection of a school mascot is no simple undertaking - thank goodness for the guidance and wisdom of the School Council, 是谁从一长串的建议中找到了一个解决方案,既肯定了十大体育外围平台排名的皇家基金会,又肯定了最著名的校友.

The upcoming break will provide an opportunity to rest, recuperate and recover. Our second term has required an exceptional level of focus and determination from students, parents and staff. I hope that pride outweighs exhaustion.

25 MAR 2022

While we await news from the Education Bureau relating to the eventual reopening of campus to students on 19th April, 为了纪念这个多事的学期的倒数第二周,十大体育外围平台排名在晚上为二年级的学生们献上了令人振奋的诗集. A metaphor perhaps, signalling brighter times ahead. News of resumption in any form will certainly come as great relief.

十大体育外围平台排名的健康与安全委员会的会议使这一周圆满结束,十大体育外围平台排名现在期待着最后五天的忙碌和众议院团队的最新情况. We then break - and for students, parents and teachers, a much-deserved rest awaits. They must be applauded and admired for their exceptional commitment and fortitude. 

While a great deal of uncertainty remains, 十大体育外围平台排名希望,为应对该地区新冠肺炎疫情而制定的例行和长期停课策略,能够成为时间生活的一种记忆和反映. If this is to be the last time we close term in this way, I will cherish the final few moments.

18 MAR 2022

通过本周举行的家长教师会议,十大体育外围平台排名有机会重新审视本年度早些时候制定的学业目标,这已经被证明是非常宝贵的. 十大体育外围平台排名必须认识到家长(和教学伙伴)的非凡努力,因为十大体育外围平台排名期待着这一学期的倒数第二周,这是一个多事的学期,主要通过构建一个旨在促进定期社会接触和按需参与的在线学习项目进行.

If evidence of our commitment to the delivery of broad and rich opportunities and experiences were needed, 下周,十大体育外围平台排名将观看一场特别的数字化改编活动,旨在庆祝初中生基本身体技能的发展,并将现场放映一段为二年级学生准备的音乐项目摘要. How fortunate I am to work alongside such a committed and creatively inspired team.

While the road ahead remains uncertain, 十大体育外围平台排名社区的力量在于认识到恢复正常的学校服务仍然是整个区域领导人的优先事项.

11 MAR 2022

本周,随着大卫·李斯爵士从什鲁斯伯里国际学校董事会主席的职位上退休的消息传出, 我对在他任职期间十大体育外围平台排名能够利用的敏锐和洞察力深表感激,并在任命了另一位之后充满信心 exceptional individual in former Vice Chair, Mr Bernard Chan. 能和大卫爵士一起为十大体育外围平台排名优秀的社区服务是一种巨大的荣幸——我知道十大体育外围平台排名的老板非常安全.

十大体育外围平台排名从指定的国际学校理事会(CIS)学校支持和评估官那里收到了十大体育外围平台排名的目标和方向的初步反馈, work has now begun on the development of content required for a preparatory evaluation later this year. 十大体育外围平台排名迈向认证学校的历程已被证明是极具价值的——奖项将验证十大体育外围平台排名对实现十大体育外围平台排名雄心勃勃的指导宣言的承诺.


4 MAR 2022

Keen to express their great admiration for the fortitude exhibited by students, parents and staff, 在收到确认十大体育外围平台排名的定期时间表不受实施区域范围社区检测规划的影响后,十大体育外围平台排名与理事会举行了积极和建设性的会议. The arrival of award-winning author and poet Michael Rosen, who inspired an incredible expression of joy through laughter at the onset of Book Week 2022, couldn't have been more impeccably timed.

Having reconnected with Shrewsbury Parents Association and the Education Committee at the British Chamber, 现在,我期待着在周四与英语学校基金会的同事们主持一个网络研讨会,作为十大体育外围平台排名中学选择计划的一部分. 上周,哈罗公学的校长们以“英国教育”为主题举办了一场类似的活动,取得了巨大成功, Kellett, Malvern College and Nord Anglia and is designed to support considered engagement. Shrewsbury students are in high demand.

25 FEB 2022

With the government now committed to a region-wide programme for community testing, a meeting with the Education Bureau mid-week, to explore how we might best facilitate, 随后,十大体育外围平台排名推出了另一系列的在线学习计划,并交付了另一个人口众多的数字旅游.

With our boundless commitment to refinement and renewal well illustrated, 现在,我期待着与来自英国国际学校联合会的同事们一起度过一个专业丰富的周末. The Annual Leadership Conference will feature contribution from Sir Steve Smith and Dame Alison Peacock, among others.

周一与理事会的会议将为十大体育外围平台排名提供一个机会,让十大体育外围平台排名反思十大体育外围平台排名所面临的挑战,并对未来的许多机会进行合理化分析. Next week will also allow for a review of our Strategic Plan and reconnection with the Shrewsbury Parents Association and the Education Committee at the British Chamber.

18 FEB 2022

While the news of an extension to the initial terms of class suspension had been well forecast, it landed heavily amid a rapidly escalating fifth wave. The reassuring warmth of a sequence of musical performances, delivered by an exceptionally diligent group of students as part an evening Recital Concert, provided a welcome and enriching tonic.

Committed as ever to refinement and renewal, Monday will see the introduction of a series of extensively modelled adaptations to our highly regarded Online Learning Programme. More evolutionary than revolutionary in nature, 这是与家长接触的直接结果,为了进一步发展下午课程的结构,每周提供给学生的实时接触的数量将有轻微的倾斜.

Engagements with colleagues across the region also stand on the horizon, with the Federation of British International Schools Heads Business Meeting acting to precede a weekend long Leadership Conference. A meeting with the Board of Governors will follow shortly thereafter.

11 FEB 2022

准备与国际学校理事会和十大体育外围平台排名自己的理事会即将举行的会议的材料,已经在期中休息后繁忙的第一周学校. With students exhibiting exceptional levels of engagement online, we can be thankful for the incredible diligence of parents, 他们中的许多人选择参加一个讲习班,旨在进一步指导在可能被证明是长期停职期间的家庭互动.

I look forward to reconnecting with our School Management Committee next week, in the knowledge that we will gain enormously from the assured wisdom offered, with an uncertain period ahead. In the meantime, we continue to reflect upon the balance of activity, 在十大体育外围平台排名所理解的极具挑战性的时期,向家庭提供的资源和指导-他们可以放心,十大体育外围平台排名仍然坚定地致力于他们和有意义的工作, individualised engagement that often marks the difference between good and great schools.

04 FEB 2022

The tiger now with us, we look ahead renewed, refreshed and determined. The second half of our second term awaits and with students back online on Monday, we will navigate the next two weeks in partnership, for together we flourish. 

周四的家长研讨会将为与会者提供一系列主题具体的支持策略,目前计划持续两周的第二阶段停学. Meanwhile, meetings with the Shrewsbury Parents Association, colleagues from across the family of schools and former Director of Schools, Mr Stephen Holroyd, will inspire reflection and exploration through consultation. 

28 JAN 2022

十大体育外围平台排名在网上度过了第二个完整的星期,中国新年的到来也带来了延长之前暂停条款的消息. Profoundly alert to the pressure home-learning arrangement brings to the lives of parents, we now plan for the continuation of our Online Learning Programme and the return of students to campus on 21st February.

January marks the crossing of a personal threshold in regard to my relationship with Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong. Appointed in 2017, I reflect with gratitude. For the kindness, support and patience I continue to receive in role, I am immensely fortunate. 或许,2022年将因为数字化战略计划的启动而被铭记,该计划旨在支持未来十年作为卓越中心的持续增长和发展. Standing in recognition of the inherent privilege we are afforded in working to harness the enthusiasm, initiative and enterprise of young people, Together We Flourish centres upon the relationships we share.

Very best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous Chinese New Year.

Kung Hei Fat Choi 恭喜發財

Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财

21 JAN 2022

At the end of a first full week online, I am awash with admiration for the incredible commitment demonstrated by students, parents and staff who have been united in their efforts to ensure that we remain both connected and intellectually inspired.


As those that know me best will understand well, I love my job. Responsible for the overall health of the organisation, I lead on strategic direction, 自2017年上任以来,非常幸运地得到了一群才华横溢的同事的支持. While incredibly proud to have been able to play a role in our development, 重要的是要明白,任何个人成就的闪光都是建立在他人的善良和环境的幸运之上的. Having overseen the successful founding of our school, I am particularly excited about the prospect of leading a second phase and a journey of maturation.

14 JAN 2022

A week that opened with the triumphant return of students, following a well-deserved winter break, 结束与十大体育外围平台排名的在线学习计划的重新启动,并希望暂停持续不超过最初广告的11天.

The schedule for online learning at Shrewsbury has been informed by the experiences of students, parents and staff, in accordance with what we know about how young children learn best. Both broad and balanced, it is shaped by a framework that promotes regular social contact and small group interaction, while safeguarding the experiences of the many families who require a flexible and adaptable programme of study, supportive of engagement on demand.

Next week will provide an opportunity to find comfort in our new routine. Unable to welcome students onto campus in person each morning, I will be dropping into conference calls as frequently as possible safe in the knowledge that students are exceedingly well equipped, whatever the future may bring.

7 JAN 2022

Commonly a time of great optimism, a new school term is now on the horizon. 尽管在最近宣布恢复旨在限制Covid-19传播的控制措施后,许多人会对未来可能会发生什么感到有点紧张, 家长们可以放心,十大体育外围平台排名非常期待周一学生们的回归,并将一如既往地最大化十大体育外围平台排名在一起的时间.

本周我重返校园,让我有机会重新接触到一个忠诚而又默默无闻的运营团队——他们对十大体育外围平台排名提供的出色服务负有和任何人一样的责任. 它还见证了早期阶段的学术招聘的恢复,以及一群极具天赋的教育工作者渴望加入十大体育外围平台排名的行列.

Next week we revel, mindful of the uncertainty surrounding us and ready to deliver the seamless launch of our online learning programme, should it be required.

31 DEC 2021

Having enjoyed a restful week away from campus with family, I now look ahead to the dawn of a new year - and we share high hopes for 2022, mindful of the incredible challenges that so many face at this moment in time.

Next week brings reengagement. Working alongside the operational team, I will begin preparation for the beginning of our second term of the year and open the second half of an early round of recruitment. Students return on Monday 10th January and I can't wait to see them.

24 DEC 2021

前半周通过准备一份旨在支持与国际学校理事会的接触和早期招聘周期的报告进行了双重投资, I write on a day of noteworthy significance and (in the case of our students at least) heady anticipation.

I hope that students, parents, colleagues and friends are able to mark the occasion well, mindful that the winter period will have proven particularly poignant for some. A quiet moment of reflection will remind us of our good fortune, but also of the challenges that others face and the distance that separates so many. 因此,特别重要的是要认识到,十大体育外围平台排名分享的十大体育外围平台排名和友谊延伸到学校时间和校园的物理界限之外. Know that we are thinking of you. And as children safely settle, before the evening sets in, we will raise a glass: to you and to us, for together we flourish.

Merry Christmas!

17 DEC 2021

Now able to reflect upon a triumphant first term, we enter the winter break in fine fettle. A week rich in engagement, 首先是学校管理委员会和什鲁斯伯里家长协会,然后是一群雄心勃勃的教师,他们都渴望加入十大体育外围平台排名香港的社区, 明天的开放日将为未来的家长提供另一个机会,让他们更多地了解十大体育外围平台排名这所不可思议的学校. Those yet to confirm attendance can do so here.

Considering the many pressures places on families in recent years, both within and beyond Hong Kong, I feel exceedingly grateful for the time we have enjoyed with students this term. Parents and staff deserve every recognition for their outstanding contributions - and then, as will now follow, a peaceful and nourishing break.

10 DEC 2021

昨天晚上,十大体育外围平台排名一年一度的圣诞音乐会为表演艺术的一个非凡的季节画上了句号。十大体育外围平台排名的表演洋溢着热情,观众们赞不绝口,他们也发现自己的声音很好. Running alongside a Winter Festival hosted so admirably by the Shrewsbury Parents Association, 十大体育外围平台排名离开校园的时间比平时稍晚一些,今天早上第一件事就是在学生中看到几张睡眼惺忪的脸,这并不奇怪.

Next week will be our last of what has been a triumphant first term. Mine will feature a first round of academic interviews most prominently, 但我也期待着与学校管理委员会重新取得十大体育外围平台排名,然后在12月18日(星期六)举行十大体育外围平台排名的首次开放日活动. Open to the general public between 11:00 and 13:00, 与会者将有机会与招生团队一起探索提供给什鲁斯伯里学生的精彩学习空间. Those keen to join the fun can confirm attendance here.

03 DEC 2021

A gloriously buoyant seasonal performance from our youngest students on Thursday this week acted as confirmation: December has arrived. Also able to reflect positively upon an engagement with colleagues across the FOBISIA network and time spent at a conference on the future world of work, I now cast an eye forward. Just two weeks of term remain.

Our first Winter Festival Bazaar will be led by the Shrewsbury Parents Association and aligns precisely with the running of our annual Christmas Concert. 最后的正式连接与学校管理委员会和一系列学术面试,然后开始十大体育外围平台排名的第一次运行 Open House event on Saturday 18th December. 

希望探索什鲁斯伯里学生学习空间的家庭非常欢迎在11点或12点加入十大体育外围平台排名,并确认出席 here.

26 NOV 2021

A triumphant pantomime performance delivered, the festive season is now well under way. A celebration through song with our youngest students now on the horizon, our annual Christmas Concert will draw what has been a full and vibrant term to a close.

Next week, 两个晚上的活动将为我提供机会,与未来的父母十大体育外围平台排名,他们渴望了解更多关于什鲁斯伯里的孩子们可以获得的特殊经历的范围. 我还期待着在一个关于未来工作世界的会议上与该地区的学校领导接触,这可能会激发与课程相关的思考.

十大体育外围平台排名的第一个冬季节日和集市也即将到来,十大体育外围平台排名希望许多家长能够加入十大体育外围平台排名,为大人和孩子们一起度过一个欢乐的节日夜晚. Individual and family tickets can be purchased here - please note that a very limited selection only will be available at the door on the night. Huge thanks as always to the Shrewsbury Parents Association for their creative thinking and incredible endeavour!

19 NOV 2021

Fresh from an evening with Shrewsbury School Headmaster, Mr Leo Winkley, Packwood Haugh Headmaster, Mr Rob Fox, and Chair of the Friends of Shrewsbury, Ms Betty Ip, that acted to demarcate the strength of a highly cherished inter-school relationship, I am also able to reflect positively upon preparations for the festive season. 一场激动人心的哑剧表演之后,一系列的活动和庆祝活动将以圣诞音乐会和冬季节日达到高潮, led by the Shrewsbury Parents Association.

与学校管理委员会(School Management Committee)的延长会议,以及下午与“好学校指南”(Good Schools Guide)的代表们的通话,让十大体育外围平台排名有条不紊地向前推进,进入了与值得信赖的、已建立的合作伙伴重新建立十大体育外围平台排名的一周. 在与教育局举行会议和与英国国际学校亚洲联合会(Federation of British International Schools in Asia)的同事举行商务会议之前,将与中信银行(CITIC Bank)举行一个关于学校选择的网络研讨会.

12 NOV 2021

连续的课堂观察的开始意味着我这周花了大量的时间与学生们密切合作——随后与同事们的教学探索激发了我的思考,以支持对整个学校保持高学术水平的坚定和坚定的承诺. With a week centring upon the impact of women in technology behind us, 现在,十大体育外围平台排名想到了一项旨在激发人们对差异的欣赏的倡议:反欺凌周将以公共展示古怪袜子开始.

Reconnection with the Headmaster at Shrewsbury School, Mr Leo Winkley, and Packwood Haugh, Mr Rob Fox, appears a likely highlight for the week ahead. 十大体育外围平台排名聚在一起是为了纪念十大体育外围平台排名值得信赖的关系并向什鲁斯伯里的一群家长介绍英国寄宿教育的好处 secondary school selection programme - rather fittingly, I have plans to engage with the team at the Good Schools Guide the following afternoon.

05 NOV 2021

在学生周二返校之前,十大体育外围平台排名与理事会举行了今年的第一次会议,让十大体育外围平台排名有机会重新认识和反思十大体育外围平台排名所面临的挑战和十大体育外围平台排名所享有的特权, our time together was exceedingly well spent. A series of parent workshops marked the middle of the week and set us up well for the triumphant return of our Recital Concert series.

开始的一系列的课堂观察将为我下周的工作带来一个有趣的焦点,我期待参与集体和详细的学习经验的探索. Forming just one strand of a wider initiative to identify and encapsulate best practice, the undertaking points to a firm and embedded commitment to the maintenance of high standards across the school.

29 OCT 2021

As ever, half term has provided the opportunity to refresh and reflect. 周一十大体育外围平台排名将看到学术团队的回归和由十大体育外围平台排名的教学和学习委员会领导的专业发展的一天,这也将提供一个机会,在新学年的第一次会议上与董事会进行交流,会议定于下午晚些时候举行. 

Students will return on Tuesday 2nd November and they have much to look forward to!

十大体育外围平台排名今年的第一场独奏音乐会将会在一系列为Foundation儿童家长举办的中文课程工作坊之后举行, Intermediate and Advanced level classes and precede an announcement on the subject of House Points. Meetings with friends and connections will pepper the week - the visit of Ms Betty Ip, Chair of The Friends of Shrewsbury School, is set to be a particular highlight.

22 OCT 2021

A flurry of celebratory events and engagements drew a gloriously productive first half term to a suitably satisfying conclusion. Given the disruption we have experienced over the last twelve months, these are moments to be savoured.

Highlights from the week include meetings with British Consul-General, Mr Brian Davidson, and the Consul-General of Mexico, Ambassador Pablo Macedo Riba, the delivery of presentations on the subject of Early Years and Chinese language learning held at our Central based gallery space, and an evening with parents and Governors at the Clear Water Bay Country Club. 

We enter a mid-term break feeling grateful for the time we have enjoyed together, ever mindful of the constraints faced by others. 在11月2日(星期二)学生返校之前,学术团队将回到校园参加由教学委员会领导的一系列会议.

15 OCT 2021

A week most prominently characterised by the departure of one storm and the arrival of another, a calmer forecast lies ahead for the last week of what has been a joyously eventful half term.

Just five days remain. A final set of Parent Teacher Conferences fall one evening prior to an engagement with Class Representatives, the Shrewsbury Parents Association and locally based members of the Board of Governors. I then look forward to meeting with both the newly arrived British Consul-General, Mr Brian Davidson, over lunch and the relatively established Consul-General of Mexico, Ambassador Pablo Macedo Riba, 在一个旨在庆祝文化互联互通的活动期间,我的一周将以在十大体育外围平台排名位于中环的画廊空间的一项活动结束.


08 OCT 2021

为即将提交给董事会和学校管理委员会的报告提供了持续的细节积累,这一周还包括第一轮家长教师咨询和与班级代表的接触, a group of volunteers who act in support of fluid communication between home and school. With the first phase of our Performance Management cycle also drawing to a conclusion, professional dialogue has provided a common theme.

Monday will see the dawn of the penultimate week of what has proven to be an outstanding first half term. An engagement with the Shrewsbury Parents Association now fixed in my diary, we will also act to finalise preparations for the remote delivery of a series of information sessions on the 20th, 21st and 22nd October and a staff training day on 1st November.

01 OCT 2021

A week characterised by key engagements with the Thai Embassy, the Shrewsbury Parents Association, a group of Kindergarten partners and a collection of prospective parents both digitally and in person, 我现在也开始准备向理事会和学校管理委员会提交一份详细的书面报告. Due for submission in a few weeks' time, it will act to mark the journey of recovery, from half days to full days and what has been an outstanding start to a new school year.

A first cycle of Parent Teacher Conferences will begin next week. Primarily designed to focus thinking upon the way in which children have settled into their new class groups, it will be good to reconnect, whether digitally or in person. We can also look forward to the return of Class Assemblies - Year 4 are up next.

24 SEP 2021

丰富多彩的中秋节庆祝活动恰逢一个新的战略计划的启动,该计划旨在指导未来十年的参与和活动. A celebration of connectedness and community, Together We Flourish stands in recognition of the inherent privilege we are afforded in working to harness the enthusiasm, initiative and enterprise of young people.

I now look ahead to an engagement with friends at the South China Morning Post tomorrow morning. Forming part of an International Schools Fair, 与区内学校领导共进早餐后,我将举行小组讨论,探讨香港为家长提供的许多不同课程的区别和相对好处.

Next week, I'll be joining an event led by the Thai Consulate and hosting a twilight tour of our wonderful campus.

17 SEP 2021

作为“21世纪教育”主题展览的一部分,与来自南华早报活动及香港生活的朋友和伙伴一起举办, a trio of seminars on the subject of school selection, cultural cohesion and reading for pleasure proved to be a huge success this week. Many thanks to the parents able to join us - we look forward to reconnecting at some stage over the next few months.

With Year 6 hosting assembly this week, we can now look forward to a flurry of student presentations in the lead up to the mid-term break - next week, Year 2 will grace the Auditorium stage. We can also look ahead to the formal launch of our Secondary School Selection programme with parents in Year 4 and attendance at an International Schools Fair, during which I will speak as part of a panel on the subject of curricular distinction.

10 SEP 2021

Much of my attention this week has been drawn towards the relationship we share with the Council of International Schools. 去年,在一份包含“无数表彰”和“远见驱动”描述的报告后,我获得了会员地位。, 'aspiration', 'high quality learning' and 'happy, motivated and proud students', we now look ahead to a journey towards accreditation. 这些发现将是发人深思的,值得庆祝的——真正有价值的是对审查和更新的持久和有保证的承诺.

Next week, 我将前往中环为一个以“21世纪教育”为主题的摄影展揭幕并发表演讲. Acting to dissect the process of school selection, 我将带领家长们对香港的各种课程进行广泛的比较,并探讨在参观校园时通常会进行的评估过程.

First up, a trip to the Kindergarten Fair run in partnership with friends at The Standard.

03 SEP 2021

考虑到安置一批刚从隔离区回来的学生,本周需要谨慎处理. 员工们对他们所表现出的决心和坚毅印象深刻,也对同事和同学所表现出的同理心和善意表示赞赏.

Hosted within a specifically designated gallery space in Central, 此外,与《十大体育外围平台排名》及“香港生活”合办的“21世纪国际教育”系列活动的计划已敲定,亦吸引了不少人的关注. Seminars will explore school selection, 阅读的力量,以及在国际交往中表达对中国文化和语言的欣赏和尊重的重要性. Sessions will run during the lunch hour on the 15th, 16th and 17th September - those keen to learn more can do so here.

Tomorrow, I look forward to engaging with friends and partners at Box Hill Preschool - and next week, I will conclude a trio of assemblies from me on the theme of aspiration with a story all about starfish.

27 AUG 2021

Back on campus and students reconnected, our first school week has proven a roaring success. Returning students have settled quickly into routine and those new to the community have been well looked after. Smiles abound, classroom visits tell a story of both endeavour and delight. 

Meetings with the Shrewsbury Parents Association, School Management Committee, Education Bureau and British Chamber have peppered my week, 最主要的特点是我儿子早期的经历,以及他作为托儿所的一部分进入学校的形成过程.

Next week, I look forward to reengaging more formally with the Senior Leadership Team. On our agenda: a reflection on induction, a review of the operational plan and the refinement of our academic committee terms of reference.

20 AUG 2021

Induction with the academic team began with the launch of a new strategic plan entitled Together We Flourish and a message of unity, high expectation and kindness. Drawing upon rich heritage, a defining ambition unique to Shrewsbury schools and the voices of our own proud community, Together We Flourish is constructed around 4 themes and a total of 12 individual strands. 它的作用是认识到十大体育外围平台排名学校现有的优势和开始一个新阶段的生活-它将指导十大体育外围平台排名在未来十年的工作.

With staff now settled and clearly directed, we look ahead: to a series of Orientation mornings and the return of students on campus. The settling of routines will certainly keep us well occupied next week - meetings with the Shrewsbury Parents Association, School Supervisor, 英国商会教育局和教育委员会将为我提供标点符号,并帮助我把思绪从托儿所的嘈杂声和我年幼的儿子在学校的第一周中转移开. 

13 AUG 2021

“21世纪的国际教育”主题摄影展在中环举行,在完成入读材料和准备展览的过程中,我顺利度过了又一个富有成效的一周。现在,我期待着明天中午与家长们就“21世纪的国际教育”主题进行交流 school selection as part of wide reaching information session designed to inform and empower.

Time with staff will centre upon a series of research based pedagogical updates and the formal launch of a new Strategic Plan. Entitled Together We Flourish, content has been arranged over 4 themes and offers 12 distinct points of focus - development has drawn upon our heritage, a defining ambition unique to Shrewsbury schools and the voices of our own proud community.

下周三,在周六上午(8月23日星期一)新班级小组的迎新会议之前,学术同事们将提前返回, and the start of a new school year, is just around the corner.

06 AUG 2021

经教育局确认,十大体育外围平台排名会继续在新学年开始时安全地提供全日的校园课程, preparation for induction continues in earnest. Plans for a Central based photography exhibition on the subject of International Education in the 21st Century, delivered in partnership with friends at the SCMP, have also inspired a great deal of consideration.

As we look ahead, 我希望确保十大体育外围平台排名对计划在本月晚些时候加入十大体育外围平台排名社区的同事和家人表示特别热烈的欢迎, in the knowledge that many have only recently arrived in the region. 

30 JUL 2021

Due to return to campus more regularly next week, 我期待着给家长们的信的最后一笔,这封信定于周四递送——我也很兴奋能够重新参与员工入职计划, the development and launch of our Strategic Plan, and a series of recommendations emerging from a diversity audit of the core curriculum conducted during the course of Spring.

A new school year will begin in just a few short weeks: it's dawn will bring great optimism. 在经历了动荡的2020年夏天之后,能够以如此坚定的信心来考虑学生和常规学校服务的回归是何等的荣幸. Mindful that circumstances can change swiftly, we continue to monitor regional statistics closely - and our thoughts remain with those more significantly affected.

23 JUL 2021

As we approach the end of July, 现在,离开学校的时间都是围绕着一组非常具体的优先事项展开的,几乎完全由一个准备好开始第一学年的男孩的兴奋热情所决定. This periodic professional decoupling allows for rest, reflection and recuperation - it will prove enormously valuable at the point of return.

Next week, I will plan for a return to campus. Re-engagement with plans for induction, 第一次与十大体育外围平台排名的新员工见面,以及确定一系列在中环举办的快闪活动的计划,都是十大体育外围平台排名的重要议程. I will also need to put the finishing touches to a first letter to parents prior to delivery on 5th August.

16 JUL 2021


While now off campus, I remain in close contact with the operational team in the knowledge that parent meetings continue throughout the summer. Plans for the hosting of a series of Central-based pop-up events later this summer have also begun to take shape, as we look ahead towards the start of a new school year with ambition and optimism.

09 JUL 2021

I have spent the first week of an extended school break on campus, mapping out the summer period with the operational team and preparing for the induction of academic staff. Also able to host a Digital Campus tour and catch up with newly appointed Chair of the Shrewsbury Parents Association, Ms Marie Bernal, we've certainly made the most of the relative quiet. 

I look forward to catching up with one of our newest recruits on Monday afternoon, 但我自己也会休息一下——我非常期待在最小的孩子8月份上什鲁斯伯里的第一堂课之前,能和家人共度一段美好的时光.

02 JUL 2021

十大体育外围平台排名期待着一个宁静的暑假,因为从现在到8月,大多数与学校有十大体育外围平台排名的家庭都计划留在香港. I urge them to make the most of their time together and the incredible benefits of life in the region. 

Those departing leave with our very best wishes and a firm intention to remain in contact. Next year, we welcome a record number of students onto campus - growth that will see an increase in both volume and diversity.

I plan to take a few weeks away from campus in July, but will remain closely connected to the efforts of operational colleagues and an Admissions Team with a busy schedule.

Next week will bring a chance to reflect - and to plan: for the arrival of new students and teammates, for the induction of school staff, and for the launch of a Strategic Plan designed to guide our journey forward over the course of the next decade.


25 JUN 2021

在一个激动人心的、充满感情的2020/21届毕业典礼之后不久,学院冠军的任命就宣布了. 祝贺今年的胡克学院——仅20分的优势至关重要,这意味着明年的奖杯将会是蓝色和橙色的.

再过三天,又一个不可思议的学年就要结束了。鉴于十大体育外围平台排名所经历的一切,能在校园里与同学们一起纪念这一学年,我感到非常感激. I would also like to mark my gratitude for the efforts of students, parents and staff: it is the relationships we share that truly define us.

Suspensions, odd days, half days, full days, we've just about had it all. And we stand united. As strong and committed as ever, connected by aspiration and an association with the values we share as members of the Shrewsbury community.


18 JUN 2021

With news of successful graduation placement and Scholarship award breaking this week, we approach the tail end of a productive school year in jubilant mood. 

Thinking now stretches beyond, towards an active summer period and the arrival of new colleagues. 十大体育外围平台排名现在已经在学术团队中实现了完整的疫苗接种覆盖率,这坚定地证明了十大体育外围平台排名积极和坚定的意图,以学生和他们的家庭的利益为首要目标,向前迈进.

More immediately, 明天,十大体育外围平台排名将与五年级学生的家长接触,因为他们将在提交申请前完成一个关键的学校选择阶段——与JP摩根的会面, CITIC Bank and Nan Fung pepper my calendar next week as we act to broaden and deepen our professional network.

11 JUN 2021

十大体育外围平台排名非常高兴地欢迎家长们本周回到校园,观看由四年级学生领导的一场令人难以置信的戏剧演出,以及与什鲁斯伯里家长协会举行的年度大会. While hosting in relatively small numbers and with all due safeguards in place to ensure adequate social distance, events felt contextually significant in our journey towards the end of term and a new phase in our response to Covid-19.

本周还与理事会举行了一次成功的会议,重点讨论了新出现的战略优先事项和学术成就, resulting in the award of our very first Achievement Scholarships. 

Next week, we look forward to meeting with parents of children in Year 5 as part of our Secondary School Selection programme. 经过对过去一年的反思和对个人抱负的分析,长长的名单将被缩减——申请将被安排提交.

04 JUN 2021

最近8月份的角色和职责的确定,把十大体育外围平台排名带向了本学年的最后阶段——而且是即将到来的阶段, a number of defining events: the Annual General Meeting of the Shrewsbury Parents Association, a Term 3 meeting with the Board of Governors and the Graduation of the Class of 2020/21. 十大体育外围平台排名也期待着本年度最后一场由四年级学生主持的精彩表演,以及学院冠军的宣布.

Summer will provide time to reflect. A natural point of regional transience, it will also bring change. We will offer a fond farewell to some and a warm welcome to many others. Those that move on carry our best wishes and encouragement - those that join will support the broadening of voice, understanding and connectivity. Both figuratively and literally, the Shrewsbury community continues to grow.

28 MAY 2021

本周全面开学标志着这喧嚣的一年即将结束的重要时刻-课外活动的回归将进一步加深十大体育外围平台排名最深切和最真诚的希望,在接下来的12个月里,十大体育外围平台排名将为整个地区的年轻学习者提供一个更稳定的教育环境. 那么,在星期四通过歌曲的媒介来庆祝“早年”学生们的重要旅程是多么合适呢, dance and gymnastics!

Preparation for attendance at the Kindergarten Festival, hosted by friends at the South China Morning Post
tomorrow from 9:00 at the JW Marriott Hotel, 在预计将迎来的繁忙夏季之前,谷歌将与区域业务合作伙伴和交通运输专业人士展开一系列合作,这吸引了所有其他方面的关注. And while we greatly value the interest expressed by those yet to learn of the many benefits available to children at Shrewsbury, 让我特别自豪的是,对十大体育外围平台排名学校感兴趣的大部分学生都是由已经入学的什鲁斯伯里家长们的推荐和推荐直接产生的.

Next week, connection with the Shrewsbury Parents Association ahead of an Annual General Meeting, a meeting with the Staff Committee to finalise plans for a gathering at the end of the year and a busy looking Digital Tour running from 10:00 on Thursday morning.

21 MAY 2021

今年的第三场也是最后一场独奏音乐会为美妙的一周锦上锦花,也将标志着一个值得纪念的起点,因为十大体育外围平台排名即将结束一个真正了不起的一年:完整的学校日将在周一回归. 感谢父母和工作人员培养了如此出色的演出,并向所有做出贡献的音乐家致以热烈的祝贺. 

Tomorrow afternoon, 在5月29日的《十大体育外围平台排名》幼儿园展之前,我将在一个由朋友在《十大体育外围平台排名》主办的虚拟会议上谈谈社交和情感技能发展的主题. 我也期待着与教育委员会合作,向十大体育外围平台排名的理事会提交一份关键的战略文件——《十大体育外围平台排名》,这是广泛磋商的结果,将指导未来十年的第二阶段增长.

14 MAY 2021

本周,关于学校即将恢复全日制的消息让四面八方都感到欢欣鼓舞——要知道,十大体育外围平台排名都将陶醉在平凡的正常生活中. The extended day will act as a particularly fitting reward for our parents, who have proven immensely supportive and boundlessly patient. And how joyous it has been to hear more about their experiences in recent weeks through a published story series.

The Lau, 崔和梁的家人满怀信心和诚意地表达了他们对十大体育外围平台排名学校的承诺——本周还启动了一个包含60多种书籍的家长图书馆,这是多么合适啊. The award of our very first Achievement Scholarships ensured that the week closed as positively as it had begun.

Punctuated by a national holiday on Wednesday, next week will mark the midpoint of our final term. 我特别期待参加一个关于未来教育的研讨会,这是一个关于发展年轻学习者的社交和情感技能的小组讨论的一部分.

07 MAY 2021


Also able to reflect on an exceedingly positive week of design and innovation centring on the theme of flight, I now look forward to engagements with the School Management Committee and the Board of Governors. With Term 3 Reports already well underway, we will soon be planning for graduation and the celebration of contributions made by our wonderful Year 6 students.

30 APR 2021

This week began with lunch alongside Acting British Consul-General, Ms Tamsin Heath, and a host of esteemed colleagues from across the region. 谈话引发了许多思考,并为十大体育外围平台排名在动荡的18个月后共同前进的旅程提供了积极的看法.

在临时计划于6月9日举行的年度会员大会之前,与一群渴望了解更多关于什鲁斯伯里家长协会提名的家长的会议被证明是本周的一个特别亮点,现在我期待进入本年度的第二轮也是最后一轮招聘. 十大体育外围平台排名安排了与一群才华横溢的人的面试,我非常期待更多地了解他们的观点和经验.

Having recently opened the book on a third and final report to the Board of Governors, I now cast a tentative eye towards the end of term and the successful graduation of our Year 6 students, a proud and capable group deserving of great fanfare.

23 APR 2021

With swimming back on the timetable and a new routine settling fast, a meeting with Class Representatives brought our second week of term to a tidy conclusion. Keen to gather feedback on arrangements in place, it was also important to thank parent volunteers for their immeasurably positive impact on life at school during such turbulent times.

周一与代理英国总领事共进午餐后,代表教育委员会集体起草致行政长官的信. Acting in recognition of the positive steps taken by the government, we continue to lobby in the best interests of those connected to educational services in the region.

An evening with the Shrewsbury Parents Association on Wednesday will focus upon recruitment for the 2021/22 academic year, 周四的暮光数字之旅将为我提供一个与另一大群渴望更多了解什鲁斯伯里的家庭接触的机会.

On Friday, I'll join the queue for my second Covid-19 vaccination.

16 APR 2021

本周十大体育外围平台排名对学习计划进行了一系列虽小但意义重大的修订,为本学年的第三学期也是最后一学期提供了一个非常积极的开始. The return of aquatics lessons on Monday will keep spirits high as we look ahead with great anticipation. 

周三与学校管理委员会的会议将支持十大体育外围平台排名2021/22年度教职员地图的最终确定,并将很快安排与许多渴望加入十大体育外围平台排名行列的候选人的面试, we will begin planning for an early phase of induction shortly.

Other highlights of the week ahead include the return of Class Assemblies - and Year 3 will take to the stage first. With performance playing a lead role in linguistic and collaborative development as well as self-confidence, we very much look forward to hearing more from students across the school as the term rolls forward.

09 APR 2021

With students due to return on Monday, we first look forward to joining friends at The Standard for their International Schools Fair at the JW Marriott tomorrow morning. Parents keen to touch base will find us at booth number eight from 10:00.

Term 3 will then open with a slightly extended morning and gently revised schedule so as to accommodate the return of aquatics lessons. And we have so much to look forward to, with a host of class assemblies scheduled alongside a Recital Concert, Early Years Summer Celebration and One World Week.

In fact, 十大体育外围平台排名都应该感到乐观:现在观察到的Covid-19病例的平均数量与去年夏天看到的一致,疫苗接种率正在稳步提高. We remain hopeful that government review will support the return of full day school services sooner rather than later.

02 APR 2021

十大体育外围平台排名很高兴看到教育局在本周承诺稳步并考虑扩大校园学校服务, as we look ahead to the arrival of summer and the start of Term 3. With heat and humidity now on the rise, students will be particularly delighted to learn that planning for the return of weekly aquatics lessons is also underway.

Much of my time this week has revolved around the continued development of our Strategic Plan. Having presented an initial framework to the Board of Governors, parents and staff, I look forward to sharing a more detailed picture later this year.

We look forward to joining the Standard International Schools Fair on Saturday 10th April, 但在此之前,一个延长的周末可以让十大体育外围平台排名专注于家庭和家庭——提神和恢复活力是这个季节特别合适的主题.

26 MAR 2021

Five uninterrupted weeks of learning supported a positive conclusion to another thrilling term here at Shrewsbury. Highlights of the week included an enormously successful Book Sale led by our Parents Association, a meeting with the School Management Committee and the dramatic conclusion of an egg decorating competition.

With news on fees for the coming academic year also breaking with parents this morning, we lead into a two week break having acknowledged the continuation of an incredibly challenging economic environment. 

We hope that families are able to enjoy their time together: to regroup and refresh. And we remain optimistic that we will see the continued expansion of school services over the coming months. We can certainly look forward to the return of students for the start of our third term on Monday 12th April.

19 MAR 2021

A second meeting of the year with the Board of Governors, 什鲁斯伯里家长协会的虚拟鸡尾酒会和十大体育外围平台排名最新音乐剧的发布让我一直忙到这个星期的凌晨——我很享受每一个宝贵的时刻. Given the challenging regional circumstances, we can consider ourselves fortunate to have enjoyed such positive regular contact. We appear to be in excellent shape, the end of term now fixed on the horizon.

Next week, I look forward to renewing connection with our School Management Committee. 第二个系列的商业接触,积极探索十大体育外围平台排名,代表团队指导流动,促使考虑最近的行动,扩大接种计划:十大体育外围平台排名当然希望一个强有力的吸收行动,以指导学校服务的延伸和更熟悉的社会惯例的回归.

12 MAR 2021

图书周标志着下半学期的中期,这被证明是一场文学的狂欢庆典,最显著的标志是莉莉·威尔金森和杰里米·斯特朗的数字访问. Huge thanks to English Coordinator, Ms Caroline Kingston, and Librarian, Ms Beth McNeilly, for their efficient organisation and effervescent charm throughout.

Our week was also punctuated by the addition of school staff to the vaccination priority list. While extremely grateful to be able to support learning on campus for so many so often, we are hopeful that this news may allow us to broach a new threshold for education services in the not too distant future.


05 MAR 2021

A stunning Recital Concert stood as the highlight of an extraordinarily positive school week, that was further supplemented by a Twilight Campus Tour and an engagement with friends at the British Chamber.

Breeding confident, articulate and considered learners, performance opportunities have long underpinned our work at Shrewsbury. A series of beautifully presented solo performances on Thursday evening saw the neat segmentation of physical and digital engagement. Huge thanks to students, parents and staff for supporting so generously.

Now to look forward to Book Week and the arrival of Lili Wilkinson and Jeremy Strong. A flurry of literary themed activity, 包括一个书籍封面设计比赛和化妆日,这将使我顺利地在周五的FOBISIA负责人商务会议上正式被介绍给该地区的同事.

26 FEB 2021

With a vibrant Chinese New Year celebration now behind us, we have enjoyed a wonderful start to the second half of our second term. Students now back on campus for classes each morning, corridors resonate once more.

日益频繁的出勤率激发了一系列活动,其特征通常是令人印象深刻的专注和决心——学校周围的学习空间一直充满了活动. Long may it continue.

本周与学校管理委员会的会议将十大体育外围平台排名引向今年与董事会的第二次会议, scheduled to take place later this term. Given the incredible changes to routine observed over the last four months, we have plenty to discuss.

19 FEB 2021

A few days on campus this week provided the opportunity to reflect, reengage with a set of emerging strategic priorities and finalise preparation for an upcoming meeting with our Board of Governors. 

On Monday, we begin a new phase of life on campus. Now able to host larger groups of students on a more regular basis, teachers will be keen to make the most of our time together. With a regional vaccination programme now on the way, we very much hope that a positive trajectory is now fixed for the medium term.

Next week will also feature the regular meeting of the School Management Committee. 

12 FEB 2021


With guidance from the Education Bureau now in place, we can look forward to the return of larger groups of students on campus on Monday 22nd February. Mindful of the ever-changing circumstances, we will continue to monitor the situation closely over the mid-term break.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year:

Kung Hei Fat Choi - 恭喜发财 !

05 FEB 2021

Preparation for Chinese New Year now in full swing, we have much to look forward to next week and the final few days of the first half of our second term. 十大体育外围平台排名的公交车司机现在出院了,似乎有望在本月早些时候被诊断出Covid-19后完全康复, there are many reasons for good cheer as we enter the year of the Ox.

Following the flurry of news this week, parents will be keen to learn more about our schedule for resumption on return from the mid-term break. While continually alert to the periodic release of statements over the past 48 hours, it is important to recognise that we have not yet received formal confirmation of expectations from the Education Bureau. 然而,十大体育外围平台排名仍然致力于代表所有社区成员争取尽可能好的立场,并将在最早的机会进行直接接触.

I remain deeply grateful: for the time we have enjoyed together so far this year, for the ever decreasing volume of cases observed in the region, and for the continued support of students, parents and staff.

29 JAN 2021

The inaugural meeting of Heads for a first Shrewsbury School International Seminar proved one of many highlights this week, with a spectacular mathematics workshop, a collection of evening interviews with prospective teaching candidates, and a series of meetings with mobility professionals from Manulife, Goldman Sachs and Société Générale all supporting a highly productive period. 

2月的开始将带领十大体育外围平台排名整齐地走向中国新年,人们对定于10日星期三广播的庆祝大会的期待正在建立. With filming already underway, we have high hopes for a vibrant and colourful celebration. 

The resumption of bus services next week will be rightly celebrated, but our thoughts remain with the member of the bus team recently diagnosed with Covid-19 on their continued journey of recovery.

22 JAN 2021

With students now settled into the rhythm of our new routine, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time on campus this week. 与渴望加入十大体育外围平台排名不断壮大的社区的老师们举行的一系列晚间会议,确保了我在工作日的两端都有充足的时间. Meetings with friends at Fairchild and Victoria Kindergarten act to underline our longstanding commitment to regional partners, while reconnection with the Executive Committee provided an opportunity to reflect upon a set of emerging strategic priorities.

We celebrate Healthy Living next week with a sequence of interconnected activities designed to provoke reflection. I am also able to look forward to a first Shrewsbury School International Seminar and some quality time with Leo, Chris, Amanda and Rob. The end of January will likely then encourage an early glance towards Chinese New Year and the arrival of our mid-term break.

15 JAN 2021

事实证明,十大体育外围平台排名返回的第一周既令人兴奋又充满挑战——学生们欢天喜地的返回,与此同时,十大体育外围平台排名巴士团队的一名成员发现自己的Covid-19病例呈阳性. The response of the community has been exceptionally strong and I am as grateful as ever for the support I am able to draw upon. Our thoughts and best wishes remain centred upon a swift and successful recovery for the individual concerned.

下周将是十大体育外围平台排名学术人员招聘季的开始,我非常期待与那些渴望加入十大体育外围平台排名不断壮大的团队的人接触. With an interview schedule now emerging, there are likely to be a few long evenings on campus ahead.

08 JAN 2021

Fresh from a training day with staff led by our Teaching and Learning committee, I very much look forward to welcoming students back onto campus next week. As part of a split schedule, morning classes will be supplemented by the continuation and extension of our Online Learning Programme.

学生的返回是向前迈出的积极一步,十大体育外围平台排名希望这将证明是在今后12个月期间在全区域稳步恢复通常服务的决定性下一个阶段的开始. We will relish our time together and ensure that we maximise every available opportunity.

01 JAN 2021

Happy New Year!

With eyes now fixed on the start of our second term, I hope that all families have enjoyed a restful break thus far. I will be back on campus from Monday and look forward to reconnecting with our Operational Team, further developing our strategic aspiration in light of feedback gained from our first community survey, and engaging direct with the Education Bureau on their plans for possible resumption.

As ever, I look forward to the challenge and opportunity ahead.

25 DEC 2020

Still fresh from a morning hike, and now diligently working my way through the careful preparation of a root vegetable mountain, I write from my kitchen this week, on Friday 25th December.

With the festive season often centring upon feelings of togetherness, my thoughts this afternoon are with the many families who have been unable to connect this year. International schools serve international communities - and the vast majority of us are a long way from home. 

While I too feel hopeful that 2021 will prove kinder than her predecessor, I am deeply grateful for the lessons learned and enormously thankful for the support that we continue to receive.

Merry Christmas!

18 DEC 2020

精彩的最后一周以报告集的交付结束,报告集包含十大体育外围平台排名展望2021年及以后的下一步学习步骤, to gathering our community together once more, and to arising opportunity.

I hope that students, parents and staff enjoy the winter break. 1月8日将有一段休息时间,届时学术团队将返回学校,在教与学委员会的带领下进行一天的专业发展——学生将在11日返回. 

Merry Christmas!

11 DEC 2020

The final school week of 2020 lies ahead. What an incredible year it has been. I choose to reflect positively and with a great deal of pride: circumstantial demands have often inspired. We will enter the new year (and a new term) with great optimism thanks to the resilience, determination and ingenuity presented by students, parents and staff alike. We remain united by a shared set of aspirations.

‘Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armor of the will, and the fort of reason.’
Francis Bacon

Next week will see the arrival of Term 1 reports. Marked against a set of clearly defined age-related expectations, they will act to inform and guide our journey forward. With a provisional set of dates now available online, 2021 is now neatly mapped out. 

I am sure that our students will enjoy the finally flurry of engagement - a well deserved break awaits.

04 DEC 2020

With results from the 2020 Shrewsbury Community Survey now in, I am able to reflect positively upon a broad collection of observed strengths, including the happiness and security of students, communication across the organisation and the ambition and accessibility of school leaders. It is also clear that students, parents and staff feel hugely proud of their association with our school. 确定的发展领域将推动制定新的战略计划,指导十大体育外围平台排名在中期取得进展.


Next week, I look forward to reconnecting with friends at the British Chamber, engaging with our Staff Committee and to taking part in a festive singalong as part of an end of term celebration.

27 NOV 2020

A remarkable pantomime showing leads us ever closer to December and onto the final phase of an extraordinary term. It was a production of colour, warmth and good humour, 但乐观的表现往往掩盖了以如此完美的节奏完成任务所需要的内在投入——我提醒过学生们,他们的努力和决心永远是最值得庆祝的理由.

With our recruitment window now open, early candidate assessment has drawn much of my attention this week - that, a grand campus tour and a meeting with the Shrewsbury Parents Association to explore their Articles of Association.

Our first Community Survey will close on Monday. Next week will provide me with an opportunity to conduct an initial review of the findings. 我非常期待对结果进行更详细的探讨——它们将为旨在指导十大体育外围平台排名中期发展的战略审查提供信息.

20 NOV 2020

With news of the suspension of classes up to Year 4 (or P3 in the local system) breaking at the very end of the week, 十大体育外围平台排名的学术团队做了出色的工作,确保家长们在周一之前得到充分的信息,因为十大体育外围平台排名再次上线了.

I am able to reflect with great pride upon the standard of learning evident in classrooms since our return to campus, but we have long suspected that an ability to transition fluidly and learn creatively would define our forward journey. A series of digital workshops, 常规的协作、交叉会议和视频哑剧短片的拍摄表明十大体育外围平台排名的技能得到了适当的完善.


The festive season is almost upon us - it will bring us together, stronger, always.

13 NOV 2020

令人难以置信的一周充满了活动,不幸的是,香港各地的早教课程将在未来两周暂停. Shrewsbury families will be reassured to learn that our Online Learning Programme is ready for immediate launch. Informed by the experiences of students, parents and staff, it offers a broad and balanced framework that promotes regular social contact and small group interaction, while safeguarding the experiences of the many families who require a flexible and adaptable programme of study.

十大体育外围平台排名非常关注将于11月21日由《十大体育外围平台排名》的朋友们主办的国际学校节, I also look forward to attending a second parent workshop on the theme of reading for pleasure and an assembly led by Year 3 next week. December now on the horizon, I have also been watching the emergence of what promises to be an extravagant pantomime performance led by students in Year 5 and 6.

06 NOV 2020

What a pleasure it has been to welcome students back onto campus this week following a brief mid-term break. With embedded routines supporting the continuation of lunch services, swimming lessons and co-curricular activity, we have a great deal to be thankful for.

The first meeting of our newly elected Student Councillors, 为准家长们准备的数字之旅和与什鲁斯伯里家长协会的会议是特别的亮点——多彩的舍队展示标志着庆祝活动的圆满结束. With the results of our first full school community survey also beginning to drift in, it is clear that we have a great deal to be proud of and a great deal of ambition for the future.

Next week, 我将开始一系列与十大体育外围平台排名的绩效管理周期相关的正式课堂访问的第一次,并期待着欢迎来自英国商会国际贸易部的朋友和维多利亚幼儿园集团的首席执行官来到校园.

30 OCT 2020

Well rested and raring to go, I thoroughly look forward to the return of students on Tuesday. And on the theme of reconnection, I fully expect that a flurry of scheduled engagements will all add vibrancy to what promises to be a fascinating first week. 与十大体育外围平台排名的学校主管和学校主任的会议将有机会与什鲁斯伯里学校的国际发展主任十大体育外围平台排名, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan, and another touchpoint with colleagues at the British Chamber.

Before then, 明天十大体育外围平台排名将有机会在幼儿园展上与未来的家庭见面,这是由十大体育外围平台排名的朋友提供的,同时也是学术团队的专业发展日,专注于语言发展和课程修改.

23 OCT 2020

与董事会的会议和在十大体育外围平台排名今年的首场独奏晚会上的一系列精彩的音乐表演为十大体育外围平台排名卓越的上半学期画上了圆满的句号. A break next week comes well earned - the time away will provide an opportunity to recuperate, reflect and plan for next steps designed to further accelerate academic progress. 

Our time together so far this year has been rather more heavily punctuated than we may have hoped. 我想借此机会表扬和庆祝学校团队令人难以置信的专业精神,他们对学生和家庭的生活产生了深远的影响. 


16 OCT 2020

It was a great honour to be able to introduce parents of students in Key Stage 2 to Mr Leo Winkley, Headmaster at Shrewsbury School, and Mr Rob Fox, Headmaster at Packwood Haugh, this week. 他们的数字演示清晰地展示了十大体育外围平台排名之间的十大体育外围平台排名的深度,为即将毕业的学生提供了一个诱人的选择. Forming part of a Secondary School Selection programme able to cite an exceptional record of successful individualised placement, we look forward to exploring the preferences of families, in due course.

A meeting with the Board of Governors will support the conclusion of our first half term. 最突出的是一份书面报告的内容,它跨越了又一个成功运作的非凡时期, it will be a pleasure to reconnect.

09 OCT 2020

It was a privilege to welcome representatives of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia, Mr John Gwyn Jones and Ms Margaret Rafee, onto campus this week - they were effusive in their praise of students, parents and staff. And I can entirely understand why: an extraordinary focus has been tangibly evident within classrooms all week. A new set of routines now well embedded, we will continue to make the most of our time together.

Parent Teacher Conferences have proven a huge success too, and we now look forward to hosting Mr Leo Winkley and Mr Rob Fox, Headmasters of Shrewsbury School and Packwood Haugh, respectively. 他们将在第二阶段为孩子的家长们举办一个关于英国寄宿和继续什鲁斯伯里教育的好处的会议. The event forms part of a well celebrated Secondary School Selection programme, now able to cite an exceptional track record for individualised support.

02 OCT 2020

With all students now back on campus for full school days, our week has been filled with jubilation. Classrooms and corridors full of life, I remain exceedingly grateful for the diligence of students and the support of parents. I must also highlight the incredible commitment of school staff, each of whom have contributed generously to the success of our first few days together.

Providing an informative touchpoint centring upon the way in which children have settled into their new routine, a first round of Parent Teacher Conferences will begin next week on Tuesday - it will be a pleasure to reconnect.

We will also be joined by Mr John Gwyn Jones, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), as we explore membership of a school group with a proud tradition. Bolstering opportunities connected to student participation and professional development, close association would bring significant benefit to all members of our community. In addition to their core education purpose, 联合会还在教育问题上发出了受人尊敬的声音,并就影响英国学校在海外的问题和政策为英国政府做出了知情的贡献.

I hope families enjoy the remainder of the long weekend - 中秋快乐。

25 SEP 2020

Following a successful series of orientation sessions, the return of students in Key Stage 2 has proven enormously significant - our campus, once more, is full of life, laughter and learning. 

我非常钦佩十大体育外围平台排名的学生在返校时对新出现的日常活动做出的几项微小但有意义的调整. Their diligence and maturity have been both impressive and affecting. I would also like to highlight the incredible support we have received from parents - their kindness, generosity and considerate observance of arising guidance continues to be well recognised and much appreciated.

Next week will bring another round of excitement as Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes resume. And our patience will be well rewarded: full school days await.

18 SEP 2020

本周,十大体育外围平台排名最年轻的学生返回学校,参加由十大体育外围平台排名的学术团队领导的迎新课程,然后他们将在本月晚些时候返回学校. A particularly critical juncture in the journey of those new to the school, Early Years classes were first to return on Wednesday. 

Other highlights included a conference call with City Campus Principal, Ms Amanda Dennison, centring on high quality learning, a meeting with the Executive Committee and a first gathering of the British Chamber's Education Committee this academic year.

Next week will see the return of Key Stage 2, first for orientation and then the resumption of usual services, to include a full Co-Curricular programme, thanks to the generous support of the Education Bureau. While application required a huge amount of work, we are extremely well prepared and will cherish every moment afforded to us.

11 SEP 2020

With plans for the return of students for full days on campus from 23rd September now with parents, school has been abuzz with activity in preparation for class group orientation next week.

An evening webinar, hosted by the Shrewsbury Parents' Association, proved to be a useful opportunity to further explore the planning process. Preparation for implementation has proven complex and we will need to be patient upon return as new routines settle.

And I've been busy with prospective parents too, almost 100 chose to join our live digital tour this week. A brief introduction to the unique benefits of primary-centred education was followed by an extended walk around campus, to include a series of exclusive classroom visits. No doubt, it's a format we will revisit.

04 SEP 2020

With news of possible resumption breaking on Monday, much of my time this week has been spent in engagement with the Education Bureau. 我很高兴地告诉大家,十大体育外围平台排名仍然坚定地欢迎什鲁斯伯里的所有学生在月底前安全返回校园,度过完整的学习日.

Preparations for the personal hosting of a digital tour group have also been gaining momentum this week. Scheduled to take place at 10:00 on Thursday 10th September, I understand that subscriptions from prospective parents have been growing at quite an unprecedented rate. 我将担任主持人和摄像师,带领十大体育外围平台排名在上午参观校园,非常期待与大家分享在线学习项目的实施情况.

28 AUG 2020

We have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with students and families during our first school week of the new academic year.

With class teachers supporting daily connection in small groups, extended and specialist provision is available on-demand. And while we remain committed to continual reflection, the balance we have been able to achieve is serving us well so far. The campus is brimming with engagement.

I have also benefited from the opportunity to engage with our wider support network this week. Discussions with Shrewsbury Riverside Principal, Mr Chris Seal, and Director of Schools, Dr Tim Nuttall, exhibited our collaborative capacity, while engagements with the British Consulate and Education Bureau acted to underpin the strength of our regional position.

21 AUG 2020

周三清晨台风的到来(多少有些诗意)标志着旋风般的一周就职——员工们的准备就绪, who moved swiftly online, 事实证明,这是另一个有趣的调整:有关十大体育外围平台排名修订和重启的在线学习项目的细节现在已向家长提供. 

The schedule for learning at the start of the 2020/21 Academic Year has been informed by a wealth of shared experience. Mornings will be spent in the company of others, 由于现场注册会议和一系列小组会议,专家提供的内容将主要通过录制和下载的内容提供, accessible at any time of day. Semi-structured extension activity will allow families to move at their own pace, according to individual circumstance. Our programme offers breadth, balance and accessibility.

Planned, prepared and raring to go, now we look forward: to a series of orientation meetings with parents and students tomorrow, and then on to the first day of a new academic year. I, for one, can't wait!

14 AUG 2020

With the new academic year now on the horizon, 我反思了一个积极的星期,在回归在线学习之前,十大体育外围平台排名能够直接从十大体育外围平台排名的家长社区吸取经验.

Both broad and balanced, provision has been shaped by a framework that promotes regular social contact and small group interaction, while safeguarding the experiences of the many families who require a flexible and adaptable programme of study. With preparation now drawing to a conclusion, 我期待着在下周将是繁忙的入职期间,与学术团队的所有成员一起探索成功的交付.

Up first: a morning walk with our newest teammates fresh from quarantine...

07 AUG 2020

Perhaps the most dramatic events of the week have centred upon the arrival of new colleagues from the UK. Now safely located in their apartments, they are scheduled to emerge in good time for induction and the start of a new school year.

As we begin to shape plans for what we understand is likely to be a digital launch, it has been extremely helpful to draw upon the experiences of parents via survey. While responses are still coming in, identifiable patterns have already begun to emerge. The process of provision planning however comes with an ongoing commitment to continuous dialogue. Next week, I will work alongside our academic leaders in an effort to find the very best possible initial form. 

I also look forward to engaging with the TES team on Tuesday afternoon in preparation for a webinar on recruitment and retention. And then a rescheduled meeting with our Executive Committee, before induction begins on Monday 17th August.

31 JUL 2020

在本周初与教育部长的对话中分享的信息表明,今年十大体育外围平台排名可能会再次经历该地区教育服务的周期性中断. Given the mounting severity of the outbreak in Hong Kong, this is unlikely to come as a surprise, but will no doubt place additional pressure on parents of young children in particular. Now in the process of drafting a letter, due for delivery early next week, I share one key message: we are in this together.

The week has also brought the opportunity to connect once more with our friends at the American International School. Based in Kowloon Tong and offering pathways onto a wide range of universities with the advanced award of credits, they are keen to support our individualised selection programme in order to support smooth transition for Shrewsbury students.


24 JUL 2020

A productive first week back on campus has allowed me to complete a series of interviews for prospective operational candidates, run a keen eye over copy for our 2019/20 Year Book and re-engage with plans for the arrival of new academic staff. 

With a watchful eye on regional statistics, 我的回国也引发了一阵讨论,讨论的焦点是可能影响8月份学校服务恢复的各种因素. 在一段时间内,十大体育外围平台排名可能会继续感受到控制措施中周期性变化的影响,因此,十大体育外围平台排名对最佳应对措施有一个理性的看法是很重要的, keen as ever to secure campus access for students at the earliest possible opportunity.


17 JUL 2020

While thoroughly enjoying the warmth of summer and a second consecutive week away from campus, my mind now drifts to the start of a new academic year and the arrival of our newest academic team members. With renewed guidance recently introduced, we watch closely for impact in the hope that August supports a smooth start. 

下周我将回到办公室,并期待与教育局合作,为什鲁斯伯里的家庭提供最好的服务. I will be excited to hear from our operational team too, 我知道他们一直在努力帮助新到该地区并希望加入十大体育外围平台排名雄心勃勃的学习社区的家庭.

10 JUL 2020

My first week away from campus has provided an opportunity for rest and reflection. Time with family generally revolves around a mid-day nap and the punctual delivery of snacks on request. Offering a routine of rather different pace, our newly acquired rhythm is both precious and simply irreplicable during term time. 

Like every family in the region, we watch arising news and emerging trends with great interest. While the next few months are likely to require continued diligence, I am optimistic for the medium term and very much look forward to the start of another new school year.

03 JUL 2020

The first week of our summer break has proven to be enormously productive. Digital meetings with newly appointed Director of Schools, Dr Tim Nuttall, and Shrewsbury School's International Development Director, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan, supplemented a great deal of work on the ground with our Operational Team.

Preparation for the arrival of the newest additions to our teaching team is also well underway and, with working visas successfully obtained, I look forward to speaking to them direct tomorrow afternoon. Induction materials are in place and the schedule is set - we now watch closely for arising news on the regional position for August.

Next week - a break from campus for the first time in a while.

26 JUN 2020

Our third and final term was neatly marked by the crowning of Bauhinia House as champions for the 2019/20 Academic Year.

The race was closely run and final position changed several times as the final count was made. It was a fitting conclusion to what has been a tumultuous year of change, adaptation and growth. The last few months have brought lessons of great adversity - they leave us in fine shape and ready for the journey ahead. 

With most families likely to remain in Hong Kong for the duration of the summer break, I would urge them to make the most of their time together - Hong Kong offers us so much to explore and discover.

I plan to take a short break in July, 但非常期待新学年的回归,在此之前,十大体育外围平台排名很可能与运营团队一起度过了一个非常富有成效的暑假. 

19 JUN 2020

十大体育外围平台排名六年级的数字毕业是暑假到来前与学生们一起度过的特别积极的最后一周的激动人心的亮点. With places secured at some of the most prestigious schools in the region, I very much look forward to hearing more once everyone has settled in.

We draw the term to a close next week with the launch of our virtual choir, featuring international contribution, and the award of our House Cup.

It has been a truly exceptional year. Exhausting and invigorating in equal measure, I have a great deal to be thankful for: the determination of students, the support of parents, the expertise of staff. The 2019/20 Academic Year will live long in the memory.

12 JUN 2020

The Board of Governors were keen to express their gratitude and admiration of students, parents and staff this week during a meeting that marked the close of Term 3 and the end of an extraordinary year.

Preparation of my termly report prompted great reflection. We have seen the world change in just a few short months. And while we hope the end may now be in sight, we must make good use of the lessons learned. The recent return of students, offering insight, ambition and wit, allows me to feel highly optimistic for the future.

Most immediately, I look forward to engaging with parents of children in Year 5 tomorrow morning, as our Secondary School Selection cycle concludes. 也许,十大体育外围平台排名在这一领域取得成功的最关键标志是十大体育外围平台排名六年级学生的毕业——作为终点的广泛的学校和系统代表了十大体育外围平台排名对个性化更广泛的承诺.

I also look ahead to the crowning of House Champions - at last count, just 30 points split the top three teams...

05 JUN 2020

With safe routines now in place, 十大体育外围平台排名越来越专注于教育成果和庆祝计划:2019/20届毕业生将于6月18日(星期四)毕业. Secured places are gloriously varied and stand as true testament to the individualisation of the selection process undertaken.

Between now and then, a final meeting with the Board of Governors and a secondary school selection meeting on Saturday with families and students in Year 5. The announcement of our very first House champions will follow shortly thereafter.

As we approach the end of a heavily disrupted year, I encourage you to revel in the time remaining. We all hope for a peaceful summer and the chance to start afresh and renewed in August 2020.

29 MAY 2020

We've enjoyed a wonderful first full week back on campus and, while our time together has been necessarily restrained, it has been a pleasure to reconnect. 

Diligently supported by our cleaning and security teams, the arrival and departure of students has been particularly sensitively managed, before the routine deep-clean begins. While mornings often whizz by, students have proven adept at moving online and continue to delight digitally at home during the afternoon.

It seems only fitting at this particular juncture to highlight the incredible fortitude of our academic team, 谁曾多次接受停学的挑战,并因稳步和深思熟虑的重新引入学生而获得所有赞誉. Most a long way from home, they have given so much and prioritised the needs of others at every turn. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to work alongside such a highly skilled and deeply committed team. 

本周还提供了一个机会,让十大体育外围平台排名与曼谷正在探索恢复的朋友和同事们重新十大体育外围平台排名起来. As ever, we stand together in great solidarity.

22 MAY 2020

After a period of 117 days, the return of students to campus this week was much celebrated, and rightly so. Three days with a reduced group has afforded us an invaluable opportunity to reflect upon emerging routine. We will be joined on Monday by those in Years 1, 2 and 3. And I can't wait!

十大体育外围平台排名很快就会更加肯定地期待今年第三次与理事会会议的到来——在一系列异常复杂的事件之后,我的报告充满了细节. It will be lovely to reconnect and reflect upon the challenges we have faced, before glancing towards the year ahead.

I also look forward to catching up with the education team at the South China Morning Post on Friday, as we work to develop a short presentation on school selection strategies for parents.

15 MAY 2020

With a little digital support, I have had the great pleasure of meeting a broad selection of ambitious practitioners keen to join the Shrewsbury team this week. 在网上十大体育外围平台排名不是一件容易的事,为了更好地适应那些在欧洲工作的人,面试经常进行到深夜, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and look forward to drawing final conclusions together early next week.

I also look forward with great expectation to the return of students in Years 4, 5 and 6 on Wednesday. Part of a phased part-day return, school life will not be exactly as we remember, 但在如此长时间的分离之后,能再次见面一定很愉快——我只能想象十大体育外围平台排名的父母和他们的孩子一样兴奋!

08 MAY 2020

It was with real delight that I was able to share plans for the possible return of students to campus with parents this week. 

The proposal submitted to the Education Bureau followed a great deal of collaborative exploration. 这或许是这段难以置信的考验时期最大的讽刺之一:尽管需要加强身体上的距离, the spread of Covid-19 has often acted to draw us closer together. We now begin preparation for 20th May in the hope that environmental conditions continue to support successful delivery.

I concluded the week with a digital get-together with a group of new recruits. Appointed in January, 第二批雄心勃勃的教师也将加入他们的行列,他们很想在下周的面试中加入什鲁斯伯里.

01 MAY 2020

While a little shorter than usual, my week has been no less eventful. 两次重要的会议支持了一种积极的反思,并有助于为中期提供一种真正的(如果谨慎的话)乐观的感觉.

The first was hosted by Education Secretary, Mr Kevin Yeung. 在政府考虑学校分阶段重新开放之际,热衷于探索国际学校部门的优势和局限, we look forward to learning more and very much hope to see students back on campus before the arrival of the summer break.

The second was hosted by our new Director of Schools, Dr Tim Nuttall. 一场令人振奋的讨论强调了十大体育外围平台排名在学校内部和学校之间共享的十大体育外围平台排名和关系的巨大潜力. Huge opportunity for students, families and staff lie therein.

24 APR 2020

十大体育外围平台排名在第三学期的开始收获颇丰,在线参与度和以往一样高——能和这么多学生重新十大体育外围平台排名在一起真是太好了. 在接下来的几周,随着小组会议的引入和现场会议的增加,他们有很多值得期待的东西.

With a programme centred upon the benefits of on-demand services, 鉴于什鲁斯伯里家长所经历的不断变化的环境,学生活动的平衡一直是一个持续的讨论点. We will continue to adjust of course, in search of absolute equilibrium.

I look forward to a late afternoon conference with Class Representatives today, before we head into a shorter than usual week that will be marked by a first meeting with our new Director of Schools, Dr Tim Nuttall.

17 APR 2020

Back on campus ahead of the start of Term 3, my work this week has centred upon re-connection with our operational team, the Education Committee at the British Chamber and the Education Bureau. As we prepare to enter a tenth week of suspension, 十大体育外围平台排名无法避免对似乎正在出现的积极趋势抱有希望——然而,在继续与病毒传播的斗争中,保持个人勤奋将是至关重要的.

The return of our online learning programme will see renewed focus placed upon the challenges faced by working parents, a second round of Parent Teacher Conferences and the introduction of group conferencing, bound by a common code of conduct. With a three week notice period driving eventual school return, we can now plan through April and into May with a degree of certainty. We all hope to see the swiftest possible resumption of usual services thereafter.

10 APR 2020

With the decision to freeze fees for the 2020/21 academic year safely delivered, I have taken the opportunity to spend a little time away from campus with my family this week. Founding parents will likely remember the arrival of my young son - having recently turned two, days have been particularly eventful but no less soothing.

The break has been peppered with occasional touch points of course and I am in regular contact with colleagues on campus. 其中一个特别的亮点是花了一个小时听英国总领事安迪·海恩(Andy Heyn)讲述该地区对病毒传播威胁的反应以及他的团队目前提供的支持服务. Next week, I will gather with fellow British Chamber Education Committee members to reflect and plan collectively for the journey ahead.

03 APR 2020

Today marks the end of a term like no other. 最近的家长调查反馈证实了一个学术团队的不可思议的努力,他们不知疲倦地为学生开发和提供越来越复杂的系列活动,这也凸显了家庭在长期孤立期间所面临的巨大挑战. We continue to work closely in partnership, as committed as ever.

With new House Team names confirmed, 八角学院保持着微弱的领先优势,这证实了他们是今年年底什鲁斯伯里学院杯的第一个得主的热门球队——胡克, Balsam, Krasser, Hutch and Bauhinia Houses remain in hot pursuit!

To parents and friends of the school, I wish you all the very best for the end of Spring Term break. Restricted as I know your movement will be, you are doing an excellent job at an extremely difficult time. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those around you.

27 MAR 2020

A second survey of parents followed an extended digital meeting with Class Representatives this week, as we continue to reflect in order to refine our online learning programme. Questions centre around two universally relevant themes during these troubled times: motivation and connection. I look forward to sharing results next week.

The renaming of Houses has dominated digital dialogue. Initially named in honour of Founding Graduates (Chau, Chen, Choi, Lian, Lo and Wu), the new titles are hotly anticipated. Led by Student Representatives, we expect a final announcement imminently.

Next week will be the last of a truly exceptional Term. 当十大体育外围平台排名在农历新年初接到教育局的通知时,很少有人敢预料到会实行如此长的休学期. Yet here we are - eight weeks in. The journey has tested us all.

I feel deeply humbled by the support and kindness I have received - students, parents and staff: thank you. 

20 MAR 2020

周三与教育部副部长的会面,突显了城市领导人的意愿和创造力,他们热衷于探索学校和家庭目前面临的各种挑战. Remaining united during a period of such great turmoil will serve us well - continued dialogue drives mutual understanding.

Ongoing discussion with the School Management Committee and advisory Board of Governors has also proven productive. They plan to reach out to Shrewsbury parents next week with an offer of direct support to those in greatest need. 想要更详细地了解十大体育外围平台排名之间的关系(以及十大体育外围平台排名可以利用的专业知识)的家庭,现在可以通过十大体育外围平台排名网站上的一份专门的政策文件来做到这一点 here.

With breaking news from Europe and the United States dominating headlines - our thoughts remain with those most severely affected. We watch closely to observe the impact of regional travel restrictions and wait in hope for news on return for Term 3.

13 MAR 2020

我这周的大部分时间都花在了与香港以外的学校领导的密切沟通上,他们热切希望探索十大体育外围平台排名的停学之旅——首先是与什鲁斯伯里学校国际发展部主任的电话, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan. We face a unique set of challenges here of course, but many of the lessons learned have proven useful for others.

Back at home, the impact of an increasingly regular set of engagements designed to stoke personal engagement is becoming clear. For students, parents and teachers, the opportunity to connect is immeasurably valuable. An extended period of relative social isolation has taken a toll. With three weeks remaining before the end of term, we are all hopeful of a return to campus on 20th April.

Next week, I journey to Central Government Offices to meet with the Deputy Secretary for Education, Ms Priscilla Ho, and connect once more with our Executive Committee.

06 MAR 2020

昨晚与董事会和学校管理委员会举行了一场精彩的(数字)会议,对学校团队在独特的挑战时期所做的出色工作给予了充分和坚定的肯定. Book Week stands as a shining example of their creativity, adaptability and flair.

Special readings, live learning sessions and (book themed) potato decoration have enthralled students and delivered record levels of engagement. 通过十大体育外围平台排名的在线学习项目,持续努力为家庭提供各种各样的十大体育外围平台排名,这是对最近一项以更广泛的福祉为中心的父母调查结果的关键回应,这一调查认识到“孩子越经常访问在线学习平台”, the more motivated and connected they feel' stands as a real validation of the quality of service already available.

Next week, I look forward to connecting with International Development Director at Shrewsbury School, Mr Maghin Tamilarasan, as our host school consider best possible response to arising risk.

28 FEBRUARY 2020

News of extended suspension landed on Tuesday, bringing with it renewed pressure on families regionwide. In spite of the obvious challenges we face, 我有充分的理由感到感激:我服务于一个雄心勃勃、体贴入微的家长群体,并与一个非常敬业的学术团队共事, united by a drive to best serve the children in our care, in spite of truly exceptional circumstance. 家长调查报告将提供十大体育外围平台排名在线学习平台范围和十大体育外围平台排名社区更广泛福祉的更具体的细节.

With Monday a designated holiday, we now look forward to the arrival of Book Week. Hosted by English Coordinator, Ms Caroline Kingston, and Librarian, Ms Beth McNeilly, students can look forward to a broad range of literary inspired activity, including a staff presentation of The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywait.

A full (digital) meeting of the Board of Governors and the School Management Committee will take place on Thursday.

21 FEBRUARY 2020

Home and school connection was further enhanced this week with the arrival of Parent Teacher Conferences. Conducted online, 在第一学期报告中分享的个性化目标为会议提供了必要的结构,以学生更广泛的福祉为中心. The launch of our mobile library and a Recital Evening of digital incarnation provided further flourish to the academic programme.

An audience with the Chief Executive on Thursday morning came as a result of excellent work by colleagues at the British Chamber. Our meeting proved to be extremely positive, offering both support and clarity on a broad range of shared challenges. Further connection will be made next week as the Education Committee gather once more ahead of a lunch meeting with Mr Paul McCombe, Director General for Trade and Investment.

Parents are reminded that the 2nd March has been designated as a school holiday.

14 FEBRUARY 2020

我以前说过,充满挑战的时代往往使社区团结在一起。我非常自豪地看到学生们的勤奋和坚毅, parents and staff through our shared digital platform. The impact of positive social connection on our wider sense of wellbeing is palpable.

While we all understand that further suspension acts as a necessary control measure to combat further spread of Convid-19, the pang of disappointment upon receipt of formal notification yesterday afternoon hit many hard. 十大体育外围平台排名都希望看到正常服务的恢复,我继续与英国商会和该地区的同事密切合作,试图探索各种机会. 

Next week will see the launch of our mobile library and a series of digitally driven Parent Teacher Conferences. I very much look forward to hearing your news and, of course, to the return of students and classes at the earliest possible opportunity.

07 FEBRUARY 2020

We've enjoyed a wonderful first week back at school, marked most notably by the creativity and enthusiasm exhibited by students, parents and teachers: response to the launch of our online platform has been fantastic. Fresh from filming our Star of the Week award in the Auditorium, I look forward to hearing more about the broad range of learning outcomes submitted next week. 

Plans for upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences now emerging, 我非常期待周一欢迎学术团队回到校园参加十大体育外围平台排名的定期简报会——十大体育外围平台排名也期待着为未来的父母安排一个繁忙的行程,这要感谢十大体育外围平台排名出色的营销和招生团队的持续努力,以及十大体育外围平台排名在香港生活的朋友们的访问.

31 JANUARY 2020

由于教育局最近宣布将延长期中假期,本周招生团队的大部分精力都放在了重新安排活动上——一系列私人校园参观活动无疑让招生团队保持了热情. As we cast an eye beyond our immediate surroundings, thoughts remain with those most significantly affected by events unfolding.

Monday will see the return of our academic team for a pre-scheduled training day, 在十大体育外围平台排名努力通过在线学习的时间表项目与学生重新建立十大体育外围平台排名之前,十大体育外围平台排名期待听到他们离开学校的时间. 在我考虑撰写定期理事报告之前,我也对即将与执行委员会进行的接触抱有很高的期望.

24 JANUARY 2020

A return from Shropshire was impeccably timed - we have enjoyed a week of colour, dance, language and culture in celebration of the arrival of Chinese New Year. 

在一个非凡的故事重述的高潮,围绕着一个令人难以置信的动物赛跑和鼓点表演提供了神韵和活力, I would like to thank everyone able to support events this week - contribution has been both broad and generous. 

I do hope that families enjoy their time together during a mid-term break that falls a little earlier than usual. We very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Tuesday 4th February.

May the year ahead bring health, happiness and prosperity.

Kung Hei Fat Choi - 新年快乐

17 JANUARY 2020

A wonderful (if wet) week in Shropshire, has proven hugely productive. Generously hosted by friends and colleagues at Shrewsbury School, I have worked closely with City Campus Principal, Ms Amanda Dennison in an effort to extend our talented academic teams - and we have not been disappointed. Our reputation has framed conversations neatly and I now look forward to a succession of Prep School visits with regional partners.

Relationships with Packwood Haugh, Moor Park and Terra Nova continue to bloom. I am particularly looking forward to spending a little time with 2019 Shrewsbury graduate, Harris, following a conversation with Director of Music, Mr John More, who was keen to share news of grand success.

I return to Hong Kong over the weekend and look forward to catching up on preparations for Chinese New Year - a celebration of colour, dance and song awaits!

10 JANUARY 2020

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the wider school community, our newest group of families have settled extraordinarily well. With many travelling into Hong Kong for the first time over the winter break, 我知道他们非常感谢十大体育外围平台排名的热情欢迎,也非常感谢今天早些时候在什鲁斯伯里家长协会举办的家长咖啡早餐会上有机会直接交流.

Following our successful return, I write in advance of a brief trip to the UK. During my time away from Hong Kong, I will be based in Shropshire and in search of the very best teaching talent. As our school community grows in volume, it also grows in strength and diversity. I also look forward to spending time with colleagues, friends and graduates - and then to returning in good time to join Chinese New Year celebrations!

03 JANUARY 2020

2020年的开始标志着一个绝对的平衡点——在2018年8月什鲁斯伯里正式开业之前和之后,我分别担任了18个月和18个月的校长. An enormous adventure, our journey has been both challenging and exhilarating. We are now in an enviable position and look forward with great aspiration.

Our first employee, I was quickly joined by a small but determined group of colleagues keen to make their mark. 校园参观需要戴安全帽,在搬到新装修的中央招生办公室之前,十大体育外围平台排名花了很多时间和建筑顾问在一起. 政策的规划和课程的制定是在前期行动小组最后一次搬迁之前完成的:石角路成为十大体育外围平台排名的永久住所.

In August 2018, the faith of the founding community was secured, as we introduced a buoyant collection of excited students to our newly-arrived academic team. From 50 to almost 90 employees, we continue to move from strength to strength, offering a uniquely ambitious programme of specialist study to a burgeoning group of primary-aged students. We continue to benefit enormously from the support of parents who have demonstrated commitment, connection and pride.

While our shared accomplishments have been significant, we have great plans for the future and much yet to achieve. 我非常期待下周一欢迎同学们回到学校,来到这个将带来各种激动人心的经历和机会的学期.

27 DECEMBER 2019

Fresh from a restful week with the family, I now look forward to catching up with the operational team on Monday. 在我新年初返回英国(和什罗普郡)之前,为广告中的教学职位入围是高度优先的. 


20 DECEMBER 2019


The final few days of term also allow for a little more flexibility than you might ordinarily find in a usual school week. Time spent reviewing strategic documentation will prove well invested over the course of the year.

I will be based in Hong Kong for the winter break and very much look forward to spending time with my wife and son, away from our work-life routine. 

I would like to wish the Shrewsbury community all the very best for the week ahead, however you choose to spend it.

Merry Christmas!

13 DECEMBER 2019

本学期最后一个完整的星期,十大体育外围平台排名举办了一场圣诞音乐会和座无虚席的礼堂,为十大体育外围平台排名带来了欢乐和节日的欢乐. 家长们欢呼着,学生们用创造性的方式将传统食物混合在一起,偶尔穿插一些当代音乐:《十大体育外围平台排名》中糖梅仙女的舞蹈是一个特别的亮点.

The final two days of the week saw the arrival of Dr Eric Jabal, School Support and Evaluation Officer at the Council of International Schools (CIS). 独联体的道德准则和标准框架自成立以来一直是十大体育外围平台排名规划的核心,这是一个真正的荣幸,开始十大体育外围平台排名的伙伴关系之旅,通过渴望学校的发展.

While we have plenty to look forward to during the final three days of term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank students, families and staff for their generosity and warmth. I hope you all enjoy a restful break and very much look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 6th January 2020.

06 DECEMBER 2019

Another week at Shrewsbury, another memorable performance - this time from our youngest students in Early Years classes. Cheered on by a raucous crowd of parents, children took to stage to deliver a series of seasonal delights and lead a host of sing-a-long classics. We look forward to more musical performance next week as children across the school lead our annual Christmas Concert. 

We also welcome onto campus Dr Eric Jabal, Evaluation Officer for the Council of International Schools. 贾巴尔博士的访问代表着与一个共同致力于全球公民和最高教育标准的学校社区建立更紧密十大体育外围平台排名的第一步.

29 NOVEMBER 2019

An extraordinary Pantomime performance presented by students in Year 5 and 6 this week received rapturous adulation, and rightly so. They took to stage with confidence, grace and a spectacular collection of colourful outfits.

Outstanding performance belies a great deal of hard work however. And it is in the development of such a production that many of the grandest benefits lie. The steady development of an articulate voice requires patience, determination and tenacity. To the students and adults involved, I offer my congratulations and thanks.

Next week, we welcome our youngest students into the limelight for an Early Years Christmas performance. If rehearsals are anything to go by, we are in for a treat!

22 NOVEMBER 2019

How wonderful to see the return of students after a brief period of regional suspension. And what a way to end the week: in House colours, proud and full of good cheer.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the extraordinary efforts of the school team. Academic, 操作人员和辅助人员都以热情和友爱的态度,确保在测试环境下提供一贯的高质素服务. I am also highly appreciative for the support and patience shown by our parent body during this challenging period. We all look forward to the return of full operation as soon as possible.

Next week, the festive season begins with the arrival of our Christmas tree and a Thursday afternoon pantomime!


I have spent the vast majority of my time this week with students - and what a pleasure it has been. Committed, diligent and extraordinarily keen to learn, they made a particularly positive impression on our friends at Ex Cathedra, who brought their usual sparkle to sessions for children across the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob, Ruairi and Sally for inspiring such joy and acting to support our wider commitment to music and the performing arts. The benefits of this particular investment were in full display during our assembly this afternoon, as Year 2 took to the stage with great poise and enormous charm.

Next week, we can look forward to the visit of Ms Debbie Brown, Assistant Principal of the Prep School at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, a coffee morning with Class Representatives and our second class-led assembly in succession.



Historian, Mr Bill Lake, worked with a selection of students in Key Stage 2 on the role played by troops located in Hong Kong during World War 2; Director of Mills International Preschool, Deirdre McCloskey, dropped in to discuss partnership opportunities; and representatives from Top Schools, Santa Fe, OEP Asia and ITS Education Asia gathered for an open discussion on the subject of the Greater Bay Area.

I look forward to connecting with partners and friends at the British Chamber next week during our regular Education Committee meeting, while parents of children in 2LG can look forward to the return of class assembly performances!

25 OCTOBER 2019

The school campus has been eerily quiet this week. 在十大体育外围平台排名周二欢迎学生回到学校开始下半学期之前,在周一和教职员工聊聊该有多有趣啊.

Our first week back will feature the arrival of the Board of Governors, who will meet on Thursday morning before hosting the Shrewsbury Parents' Association for supper.

Families will also be thrilled to hear news of the imminent return of our good friends at Ex-Cathedra on the 4th and 5th November.

18 OCTOBER 2019

十大体育外围平台排名享受了上半学期的完美结尾——一场个人独奏音乐会和一场田径运动会吸引了什鲁斯伯里家庭的高度赞扬, and rightly so. Specialist teams hosted with aplomb and students rose to the occasion magnificently. An active few days, but all absolutely joyous.

The week concluded with a first update on House Points. Chen House have taken an early lead with Wu House and Lo House hot on their heels. The House Cup will not be awarded until June however, so there is still plenty to play for.

Next week, families can look forward to a mid-term break. I do hope that it brings an opportunity to rest, to recuperate and to revel in the relationships we share away from school. We look forward to bringing our community together once more on Tuesday 29th October.

11 OCTOBER 2019

Parent Teacher Consultations concluded this week and they have proven enormously productive. Discussions have surrounded the successful setting of children into new class and year groups. And with many families still settling into life here in Hong Kong, parents have been particularly appreciative of the care and diligence paid to this process by the academic team.

Next week will be our last before a mid-term break and there is plenty to look forward to. A Recital Evening on Wednesday will be followed by our first Athletics Meet on Thursday and a House Team launch assembly on Friday.

员工将比学生稍早返回校园,参加培训日,他们将探讨十大体育外围平台排名的保障政策的最新变化,并考虑推出一个新的虚拟学习平台. The second half of term begins in earnest on Tuesday 29th October.


Neatly punctuated by National Day celebrations on 1st October, the school week has otherwise centred around parental engagement. With the first group of Term 1 meetings running into the evening on Wednesday and Thursday, we look forward to completing a full round next week.


Next week, I look forward to dinner with emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of York, Sir John Holman, an interview with Playtimes magazine and then to hosting our very first Open House on Saturday 12th.


What a pleasure it was to host Ms Carlien Shelly, International Principal at Shrewsbury School Huangpu, on campus this week. A focus upon specialist facility saw us drop into music, language and physical education classes during a visit aimed to guide planning during the pre-operation phase.

As ever, the visit (and our burgeoning relationship) was neatly conducted from afar by Director of Schools, Mr Stephen Holroyd. It is with great significance therefore that I share news of his departure, scheduled to take place later this academic year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen for his support and encouragement during my time here at Shrewsbury. We will continue to benefit from his high expectations, depth of expertise and fastidious approach to strategic planning and look forward to hearing of next steps and new plans as they arise.


Working furtively towards the overarching ambitions outlined within our three-year Strategic Plan, my focus this week has been split between Secondary School Selection, safeguarding of students and active committee membership at the British Chamber. 

The school team now look forward to joining the International Schools Fair hosted by the South China Morning Post tomorrow. Next week will also bring a visit from newly appointed Principal at Shrewsbury School in Guangzhou, Ms Carlien Shelley and, of course, our very first class led assembly of the year - good luck Y6AS!


Fresh from a delightfully informative Curriculum Evening led by Key Stage 1 colleagues, I now look forward to a particularly varied schedule next week.

With the safety of children on campus a continuing focus for the school team, we have the great pleasure of welcoming long standing connection and friend of the school Mr Tim Gerrish OBE to Hong Kong on Monday. Tim will be speaking to various members of the community as part of a comprehensive safeguarding audit.

I also look forward to speaking to parents of Year 4 students on Wednesday, as we introduce our Secondary School Selection programme and consider their upcoming residential trip, and will head off to meet with the British Chamber's Education Committee in Central on Thursday morning.

All of which leads me neatly to the SCMP International Schools Festival on Saturday, where I will be speaking on the subject of well-being.


An inclement start to the week didn't dampen spirits any, as we welcomed a huge audience of parents into the Dining Hall on Monday morning. The opportunity for connection was hosted by the Shrewsbury Parents' Association, who met again on Thursday morning to continue to develop plans for a growing calendar of events.


Following an extremely well attended tour on Wednesday, I will be hosting another collection of prospective families on campus tomorrow, while our Admissions team represent the school at the Standard Kindergarten Fair in Mong Kok.

30 AUGUST 2019

Our first full week together has proven enormously successful. Specialist sessions now in full swing, the Aquatics Centre, Recital Hall and Sports Hall have seen an impressive range of activity, and the Dining Hall abuzz with news of the day gone by.

现在,我期待着周一上午与家长们一起喝咖啡,参加一个旨在将创始人家族与十大体育外围平台排名的新成员十大体育外围平台排名起来的活动. And our growth looks set to continue, with two heavily subscribed campus tours scheduled for next week, ahead of the Standard Kindergarten Fair on Saturday.

23 AUGUST 2019

It’s been such a pleasure to welcome students back onto campus this week – and it’s been a real success. We’ve made a host of new friends, settled quickly into routine and look smarter than ever with a fresh new uniform in Key Stage 1.


Bigger, bolder and brighter than ever, our first full week will see the return of our specialist programme. I know that the teachers are raring to go…

16 AUGUST 2019

It’s been a hugely rewarding week. The preparation and delivery of a keynote, 以对创始团队所取得的所有成就的反思为特色,并根据十大体育外围平台排名的总体战略计划展望未来, marked a personal milestone. 十大体育外围平台排名的学术团队获得了广泛的高质量贡献,十大体育外围平台排名的运营同事和更广泛的移动网络提供了无限的支持, cleaners and caterers.


Tomorrow, 十大体育外围平台排名期待着欢迎家庭的到来,这是一个重新连接并将新的家庭群体纳入快速发展的什鲁斯伯里社区的机会.

9 AUGUST 2019

Fresh from the airport collection of our latest additions to the Shrewsbury teaching team, I write this week particularly mindful of the support we draw from others. During challenging times, a strong community provides solace and sustenance - it pulls together in times of hardship.

I look forward to the start of our induction period, the settling of our new team and the return of students and families. Our school is a safe, nurturing and vibrant place. And we are soon to gather once more. Next week, a new chapter begins...

2 AUGUST 2019

Back in Hong Kong after a lovely break, it’s great to be back at work.

I’ve already bumped into a few of our families on campus, usually on their way to or from our swimming pool. 似乎十大体育外围平台排名大多数人都度过了一个相当轻松的夏天,并非常期待新学期的开始.

这里的团队度过了非常富有成效的一段时间,为学术人员到达(和返回)的准备工作也几乎完成. They will gather together for a week and a half before Wednesday 21st August, when we look forward to settling into class groups for our first school day.

It’s been fun to work on a collection of memories with the Marketing team too. Due to be shared with parents via social media over the next few weeks, do feel free to add your own using the hashtag #SHKStories.

26 JULY 2019

Now on my way back to Hong Kong, 在学术团队到来之前,我期待着与运营团队取得进展,并检查过去几周取得的进展.

Our break has been thoroughly enjoyable – and although the return journey promises to be quite an adventure, I feel refreshed and revitalised, excited by all that the new school year will bring. I do hope that our families have enjoyed their own restful break. I very much look forward to hearing about their adventures as we reconnect in August.

19 JULY 2019

Away from Hong Kong for a full week, we are now mid-way through our break and thoroughly enjoying as leisurely a schedule as our 16 month old morning alarm siren allows.

I’ve been dipping in and out of work periodically whilst away and remain particularly connected with the Admissions team, who continue to support a steady influx of new arrivals to the region. 十大体育外围平台排名期待着在新学年开始前不久的8月17日(星期六),与现有的学生一起举办迎新上午活动.


12 JULY 2019

Away from the office and enjoying some family time, rest and recuperation takes first priority.

After a thoroughly enjoyable first year and with the operational team in the safe hands of our Director of Business Services, I now enjoy a moment of reflection before returning to Hong Kong in preparation for the new academic year. Plans for the week ahead will likely be dominated by time in the pool, a strictly implemented nap schedule and a little time with a good book – currently, Educated by Tara Westover.

5 JULY 2019

With academic staff away on a well-deserved break, I have been busy at work with the operational team this week. 我特别关注准备一份国际学校理事会成员资格的评估报告,这让我忙得不可开交, although I have also begun preparation for the start of the new school year in the form of an induction and training programme.

Our UK based new recruits are likely to be feeling a little anxious now ahead of a big move this summer, but they can rest assured that we are well prepared and looking forward to their arrival.

28 JUNE 2019

I write to you this week from the confines of my office and with our first academic year now at a close, campus feels rather too quiet for comfort.

We have enjoyed an immensely rewarding journey, crowned fittingly by the graduation of our first Year 6 class. It proved to be an emotional occasion and will live long in the memory. Moving on to schools in both the UK and Hong Kong, they are the first true beneficiaries of our selection service and our new House system firmly secures their place in our history.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to work alongside such a talented and committed team of teaching, operational and auxiliary staff and to be able to draw upon the support and expertise of partners at Top Do, Chartwells and Eliteswim. We serve a truly exceptional community. And while I am sure everyone is looking forward to the restful break ahead, August can’t come soon enough.

For your support, encouragement, kindness and faith – thank you.

21 JUNE 2019

Led admirably by Key Stage Leader Mr Peck, students in Year 5 and 6 delivered a number of initiatives to mark Refugee Day on Thursday this week. An early count indicated that over HKD 10,000 had been raised - and there is more to come as donations are expected to continue at our Year End Fair tomorrow.

 The weekend event precedes our first student graduation ceremony and then, we tread gently towards the conclusion of an extraordinary year.

 I have been continually astounded by the generosity of parents, students and staff alike and can’t wait to welcome everyone back onto campus in August.

14 JUNE 2019

As the sun finally emerges following a spate of rather inclement weather, we can now reflect upon a week of great celebration. 在第一届夏季音乐会的音乐盛宴之后,十大体育外围平台排名的早教学生们的精彩表演,以及在首届家长协会年度大会上获得提名的喜悦. With just a few weeks of term remaining there remains so much to look forward to.

周二晚上,我将在中环接待一批支持我的商业伙伴,周五是学校的期末大会,周六上午是十大体育外围平台排名的年终展. And all of this before our first Graduation Ceremony.

Parents are kindly reminded that our first academic year will close on Thursday 27th June with collection running earlier than usual, at 13:30.

7 JUNE 2019

A whirlwind of a week was drawn to a tidy conclusion yesterday by the visit of our Board of Governors. Keen to touch base with our graduating students in particular, following our morning meeting, we enjoyed lunch together before touring classrooms in the afternoon.

本周早些时候,我很高兴也很荣幸地为Fairchild幼儿园举办了一个非常特别的运动会,并与十大体育外围平台排名的招生经理一起参观了哈罗国际学校, a potential destination for Shrewsbury students as they leave Year 6.

With just three weeks of the academic year remaining, 我期待着明天与一群未来的家庭见面,一起参观校园。周二,十大体育外围平台排名将举行首届什鲁斯伯里家长年会,周四晚上将举行夏季音乐会.

31 MAY 2019

I wish we could begin every Friday with an EY1 assembly!  


Similarly jubilant, celebrations to mark the Queen’s birthday hosted by the team at the British Chamber were extremely well received on Monday, where an expectant business community gathered for a collection of traditional nibbles and a cake of grand proportion.

I now look forward to a week in which we will continue to forge positive links with schools in the region. 在我和招生经理Sarah Bowler前往哈罗公学之前,十大体育外围平台排名周三上午在费尔柴尔德幼儿园举办了一个运动会. With just four weeks of term remaining, we also now start to think about the journey of our first graduating cohort and a special evening event on the 25th June.

24 MAY 2019

本周我在两件不同寻常的重要事件之后写信给你:主办一个地区会议和十大体育外围平台排名的首次居民访问. Both leaned heavily upon the expertise and commitment of the wider school team – and both ran exceptionally well.

Coordinated by Inclusion Coordinator, Helen Louden, Admissions Manager, Sarah Bowler, and Marketing Officer, Leanne Whittingham, 十大体育外围平台排名举办了一系列以“特殊教育需要”为主题的工作坊,邀请了大量来自香港的学校教职员. Attendees shared their knowledge and experience before touring campus with a group of students. Feedback was astonishing and heavily concentrated upon the depth and range of relationships shared between students and staff.

And then, this afternoon, we celebrated the return of a triumphant Key Stage 2 team from their very first Residential Visit. I spotted a few sleepy eyes among the group and very much look forward to hearing more from them next week!

最后,我想感谢那些支持这些活动的人,以及帮助塑造什鲁斯伯里令人难忘的第一年的其他许多人. Whether direct or more furtive, your support is seen, felt and very much appreciated.

17 MAY 2019

Our new season of assemblies works to introduce students to the theme of reflection. Having gathered together each week throughout the academic year, this afternoon I prompted children to think about the journey we have been on together. From the laying of early foundations, we have experienced a number of bumps in the road, but now stand strong and together, having worked hard to develop respectful, kind and empathetic relationships.

Through the sharing of stories in assemblies this year we have explored respect, kindness, empathy, wellbeing and friendship via a collection of books and notable individuals. During the final few weeks of the year, we will think about all we have achieved before casting a firm eye on the future.

Talking of which, the school team have an exciting weekend ahead at the Kindergarten Festival, supported by friends at the South China Morning Post, before we look forward to hosting a special conference for colleagues across the region on the subject of Special Educational Needs.

10 MAY 2019

It was lovely to connect with students and staff this morning having returned from London yesterday evening. While it was a little chillier than expected, interviews ran extremely well and aside from a minor caterpillar outbreak, everyone here in Hong Kong seems to have enjoyed a pleasant week.

We now look ahead to an extended weekend before returning to a special event for prospective parents in Central on Wednesday evening and attendance at the Kindergarten Fair hosted by the South China Morning Post on Saturday.

3 MAY 2019

It has been such a pleasure to welcome students back into school this week for our third and final term of the school year. Raring to go, they seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were quick to embrace a group of new joiners, most of whom have only recently arrived in the region.

I look forward to a final recruitment trip of the academic year and an early morning London arrival tomorrow. 与未来的同事见面总是一件非常愉快的事——这也给了我一个机会来分享十大体育外围平台排名今年取得的所有成就.

I return towards the end of next week and will, at that point, have a clear view on the shape of our school for the 2019/20 academic year.

26 APRIL 2019

With the weather warming up nicely, we now look forward to welcoming back students and families for our third and final term of the school year on Thursday 2nd May. We have lots to look forward to including a pair of performances from students in Early Years, our very first overnight residential trip and, perhaps most poignantly, the graduation of our first Year 6 cohort.


19 APRIL 2019

A bombastic Spring Dance event, complete with flash mob, brought our second term to a rousing conclusion. Huge thanks to Ms Farry for bring an exhibit of learning undertaken within the Physical Education programme to life. I have been reliably informed that she is now enjoying a well deserved exotic break!

We were also thrilled to be able to welcome Trade Commissioner for China, Mr Richard Burn, onto campus this week. 特别感兴趣的是十大体育外围平台排名与英国领事馆的关系,以及十大体育外围平台排名在未来几年在整个地区扩展的计划, he was enormously impressed by staff and facilities during what proved to be a flying visit to the region.

Families can now look forward to a week away from school – and I do hope that they make the most of their time together.

We look forward to welcoming students back on Thursday 2nd May for our final term of the 2018/19 academic year.

12 APRIL 2019

Our very first set of school photographs marked a significant threshold as we approach the third term of our inaugural year. Shoes polished and hair neatly parted, founding staff and students gathered with great pride for individual, sibling, class and group shots before we gathered together as a whole school. I would like to thank everyone involved, including our digital partners, Techni Photo, for leading the way.

Photographs were followed by a wonderful evening in our Recital Hall led by a collection of twenty talented young musicians. Congratulations to our performers and thanks once again to Mr Kilpatrick for his boundless commitment and enthusiasm.

Earlier today, 本学期的最后一堂课由精彩绝伦的1LS表演,他们用高音演唱了克莱尔·弗里德曼的《十大体育外围平台排名》.

We have more to look forward during our final four days of term: most notably perhaps, a gathering of parents on Tuesday evening will meet to discuss our upcoming residential trip for Key Stage 2 students.

5 APRIL 2019

周六,《十大体育外围平台排名》主办了一场精彩绝伦的小组活动,周四晚上,三、四年级学生的精彩表演占据了缩短的一周. 这次活动吸引了广泛的捐款,是十大体育外围平台排名有抱负的学校社区提供的又一个令人难以置信的支持的例子. Students, parents and staff headed off for an extended weekend glowing with pride… and rightfully so.

我也非常高兴地告诉大家,十大体育外围平台排名美丽的校园已正式获得亚太物业奖公共服务建筑类别的奖项. I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to our architectural team at P&T, who worked so sensitively in partnership with the school team to deliver spaces which reflect and support our educational aspiration. Such recognition serves as great validation for the investment made in that first phase in the life of our school.

29 MARCH 2019

I have spent the vast majority of time this week in classrooms observing teachers and students doing what they do best. And what a broad range of learning I have seen: from caterpillars and chrysalides to fractions of numbers, it has been a real pleasure to learn and explore as a member of the wider school community.

在今天下午早些时候的一个精彩的集会上,汤普森老师的一年级学生分享了比大多数人更多的细节——特别高兴能够欢迎这么一大群热心表达支持的家长. 三年级和四年级的演出也进行得很顺利——我已经进进出出了一些排练,我知道学生们对下周四晚上有机会与爸爸妈妈们分享他们的作品感到非常兴奋.

现在,我期待着明天上午与一些学校领导见面,参加由《十大体育外围平台排名》主办的关于英国教育益处的座谈. With interest in places at the school blooming, it may well be a busy start to the weekend!

22 MARCH 2019

We have had the great pleasure of hosting an unusually broad range of guests, visitors and friends on campus this week. From a selection of fellow International School leaders, 与来自腾讯的团队以及与十大体育外围平台排名自己的执行委员会的会议——所有人都分享了他们对学生们渴望分享他们的经历所表现出的自豪感的极大钦佩.

It was also a very real privilege to attend a luncheon this week alongside the British Chamber at which Finance Secretary, the Honourable Paul MP Chan, provided an insight into the thinking behind the recently shared budget. 他详细阐述了该地区的历史优势和创新技术产业的出现所带来的机遇, 十大体育外围平台排名在什鲁斯伯里的工作很好地(如果无意中)反映了传统和不安分的野心之间的平衡.


15 MARCH 2019

What a pleasure it has been to host our second round of Parent Teacher Conferences this week. Classrooms and corridors have been buzzing with discussion as teachers and parents plan for the remaining term and a half. While we continue to work with great aspiration, the progress made by students is reason for real celebration. In just six months, so much has been accomplished. I would like to thank teaching staff for all of their hard work this year and parents for proving such positive contributors.

I was also thrilled to be able to host Mr Rob Fox on campus this week. Soon to join the team at Shropshire Prep School Packwood Haugh as Headmaster, we reflected positively on the opportunity for those students keen to tread a path onto Shrewsbury Secondary School.

We ended the week with an assembly from Ms Kelly and her Year 1 students. It gives me great pleasure to see even our very youngest students up on stage: singing, dancing and speaking with increasing confidence. Their performance enraptured all in attendance and sets up a flurry of activity in the auditorium over the final five weeks of term.

8 MARCH 2019

Our first Book Week began in sterling fashion with the arrival of our Board of Governors on Monday. Following a rigorous morning meeting, they hosted a wonderful evening with founding parents on the subject of secondary school transition. Huge thanks to everyone who was able to attend and show their support.

With visiting author Candy Gourlay nipping in to see classes on Thursday, the end of the week was neatly marked with an exuberant procession of students in costume. An incredible variety on offer, certificates for best outfit were hard won and celebrated with glee. Particular congratulations to our incredible librarian, Ms Beth McNeilly, for leading such an engaging range of activity with such graceful panache.

I can now look forward to attending the Standard Kindergarten Fair tomorrow. 十大体育外围平台排名将从上午11点开始在金钟的JW万豪酒店(JW marriott),鼓励有兴趣了解十大体育外围平台排名学校的家庭来拜访十大体育外围平台排名非凡的团队.

1 MARCH 2019

With the swimming programme now in full swing, lunchtime discussion has been dominated by shared poolside experiences. 关于课程有很多令人兴奋的事情,我知道精英游泳团队非常喜欢在学生第一次下水时了解他们!

The week began however with the arrival of relationships expert Ms Janine Carroll. Working with both academic staff and students, 她已经奠定了一套强有力的基础,将支持倾听团队的发展,以确保十大体育外围平台排名所有人在需要的时候得到良好的支持.


Monday will also see the start of our very first book week – good luck Ms McNeilly!

22 FEBRUARY 2019

Undoubtedly the news of the week proved to be the formal issuance of our swimming pool license. 在比十大体育外围平台排名最初预期的更长时间的处理过程中,家长们表现出了极大的耐心——他们将在下周得到全额回报,开始一项令人难以置信的水上运动课程. 十大体育外围平台排名非常感谢教育局在这段特别繁忙的时期对十大体育外围平台排名的持续支持.

I would like to thank Head of PE, Ms Marie Farry, 感谢她最近的勤奋和灵活,感谢菁英学院的黄志光先生和肯特先生一直以来的支持和指导. We can now all look forward to Shrewsbury students taking their first splash.

Also coming up next week, the arrival of relationships expert, Ms Janine Carroll. Supporting the creation of a school-wide Listening Team, she will be working with staff and students as we look to further develop a culture of considerate and reflective engagement.

15 FEBRUARY 2019

期中考试结束后的第一周,十大体育外围平台排名有幸接待了来自曼谷的两位特别来宾Jane Arghabhadra女士和John Wimpenny先生, who have been here to assist with the management of events and building maintenance respectively. Their presence has proven hugely supportive and acts, once again, to demonstrate the huge benefits of our connective network.

The week culminated in an extraordinary display of work from our Chinese language department. An exhibition on the Tang dynasty acted as the perfect fulcrum for cultural and linguistic development, and parental engagement. We have hosted a very proud collection of mums, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents during the course the day – each more proud than the last.

Next week, we look forward to a visit from Robbie McRobbie, Head of Rugby Operations at HKRFU, before Janine Carroll, Director of Restorative Now, arrives in Hong Kong to lead relationship building workshops for students and staff.

08 FEBRUARY 2019

I write to you this week following a District Council Reception hosted by Chairman, Mr George Ng. An opportunity to connect with the local community, it proved to be a celebratory affair.

I now look forward to next week and the return of students. I do hope that you have all enjoyed a restful break and that anticipation continues to grow ahead of school on Monday. The return of Early Years students, for whom the break will have been considerably longer than anticipated, will prove particularly significant.

01 FEBRUARY 2019

Now back in Hong Kong, and keen to catch up with students and staff, I have thoroughly enjoyed a final round of interviews for academic posts due to be awarded in our second term. Once again, it has been a real privilege to speak with such a broad range of passionate educators keen to make their mark here at Shrewsbury.

I have also had the enormous privilege of welcoming Sir C.K. Chow onto campus this week. Soon to take up a significant role at the school in an advisory capacity, we look forward to drawing from his immense experience and expertise.

The first half of our second term ended in spectacular fashion, thanks to our Chinese language team and supporting specialist staff. We are immensely proud of all involved in the delivery of two fabulous assembly performances. As we return from a mid-term break, we very much look forward to welcoming our youngest students back into classrooms. In the meantime, best wishes, good luck, health and happiness to you all.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

25 JANUARY 2019

I’ve enjoyed a very productive week here in the UK. Working in partnership with Ms Amanda Dennison, Principal at Shrewsbury’s City Campus in Bangkok, we have met with a hugely talented group of teachers and school leaders all looking to join our ambitious family of schools. More interviews await on my return next week, as planning for the continued growth of the school community moves on.

In my absence, 我知道,与教育局的工作仍在认真地继续就目前的地区流感爆发和预期的授予十大体育外围平台排名的游泳池许可证. Parents can rest assured that we remain in daily contact and are doing all we can to support and encourage productive outcomes.

18 JANUARY 2019

We were pleased to welcome new Admissions Manager Ms Sarah Bowler into the school team this week. A long term Hong Konger, and based just around the corner in Clearwater Bay, she is thoroughly looking forward to meeting you all. Please join me in ensuring a very warm welcome, during a rather chilly winter season.

The cold certainly didn’t stop Year 1 this week, as they made the journey up to Sai Kung Country Park on Wednesday for the first in a series of hikes due to take place this term. Huge thanks to the teaching team and supporting parents for delivering such a wonderful opportunity. 每个人都为孩子们所表现出的成熟和勤奋而激动不已,因为他们正在寻找一个非常著名的故事人物,这个人物居住在深黑的森林里!

今天下午我主持了十大体育外围平台排名的战略团队,现在我期待着下周回到英国和什罗普郡,在那里我将面试一群非常有才华的教师,他们都渴望加入十大体育外围平台排名在香港的团队. I very much look forward to hearing from each, before returning to Hong Kong to meet with candidates based within Asia.

11 JANUARY 2019

A very warm welcome back to you all – I do hope that you enjoyed a restful break. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful start to our second term of the year, particularly given the arrival of a significant group of new students and families. With relationships now in bloom, we look forward to learning more about one another over the coming weeks.

We will be hosting a special tour for prospective families tomorrow, exactly one week before I depart Hong Kong for our first round of recruitment ahead of our second academic year. While my week in the UK will be extremely busy, I thoroughly enjoy the very special privilege of meeting and carefully selecting academic staff. We have an excellent shortlist of candidates prepared, all excited about the prospect of joining the Shrewsbury family.

4 JANUARY 2019

Having now returned to Hong Kong, 我非常期待周一教学人员的回归,参加培训日,专注于十大体育外围平台排名整个学校的拼读课程. Students return on Tuesday and will bring with them tales of adventure and renewed aspiration. The first half of term will be brief, with Chinese New Year falling within the first week of February, but there is already so much to look forward to. 

28 DECEMBER 2018

I do hope you have enjoyed a restful break with family and friends. Many of us will now be tentatively looking toward the start of our second term together. In just over a week, we resume – refreshed and renewed, expectations reset and aspirations heightened. For academic staff, term will begin with a shared day of professional development connected to the delivery of our phonics programme. Students will return on Tuesday 8th January. 

21 DECEMBER 2018

I write to you this week from a very chilly London, where I will be spending the next few days before heading up to Cheltenham for the following week or so. 十大体育外围平台排名的许多老师也选择回家过圣诞节,我知道他们会很高兴有机会与朋友和家人分享他们最新的冒险消息. Students will also be off exploring, now counting down the days until Christmas morning - I do hope that families are enjoying the festive break. Meanwhile, in our absence, 重要的是要记住学校运营团队的许多成员,他们将努力工作,处理申请和准备校园为新的日历年. To you all, very best wishes and Merry Christmas!

14 DECEMBER 2018

Our final full week of the year featured an extraordinary celebration of music in the form of our very first Christmas Concert. Our Key Stage 2 Choir, String Quartet and Orchestra were joined by a flurry of solo performers who both entertained and enchanted an audience of parents, students and friends of the school. The evening culminated in communal song and a visit from a very special (and particularly busy) seasonal guest…

我现在期待着学期结束前的最后三天,十大体育外围平台排名在一起的时间里还有很多事情要完成. Most notably perhaps, a run of sporting events which act to conclude a sequence of athletics themed lessons.

The next time I write will be from cooler climes as I return to the UK for a first winter break with my wife and son. I wish you all the very best for the coming weeks and look forward to seeing you back at school on January 8th.


December began with a pair of festive musical performances led by Key Stage 1 students – and what a fantastic job they did. Parents watched on with glee, thoroughly entertained by a selection of boldly delivered songs. The performance season continues next week with our Early Years classes taking to the stage on Monday and Tuesday.

We can also look forward to our very first Christmas concert on Thursday 13th December. 该活动将吸引令人难以置信的第一学期的音乐贡献结束,并将有十大体育外围平台排名的关键阶段第二合唱团的表演, String Quartet, Orchestra, and a small selection of soloists. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the enormous contribution made already by Head of Music, Euan Kilpatrick先生-十大体育外围平台排名音乐课程的持续发展完全符合十大体育外围平台排名长期以来的传统,确实为十大体育外围平台排名的学生提供了很好的服务.

30 NOVEMBER 2018

A pair of Chinese language events and a final curriculum evening, this time led by Key Stage 2 colleagues, marked the end of our week. Sessions were delivered with real aplomb and they have been generously received, having provided yet another invaluable touch point for parents and teaching staff. I would like to thank everybody involved in their planning and delivery – your efforts are hugely appreciated.

Next week: December. And what better way to open the festive season that with performances led by Key Stage 1. Filled with singing, dancing and festive cheer, parents have the option of joining one of two sessions scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

十大体育外围平台排名还安排了周六上午的校园特别参观活动,如果你知道有谁有兴趣和十大体育外围平台排名一起参观学校, they can book in here.

23 NOVEMBER 2018

Rounding off an active week, a fantastic assembly led by Year 3 students was a joy to behold! In building a persuasive argument for Shrewsbury to be led by a tyrannical group of Romans however, it did leave me rather nervous.

其他亮点包括在英国总领事官邸与一些贵宾共度一个精彩的夜晚,以支持英国在香港的企业. Continuing to spread word of the school, building connections and relationships that will benefit the wider community, is one of the significant privileges I am afforded.

Next week we can look forward to two very special events exploring the Chinese language curriculum more deeply. Guests have been invited to ‘bring a friend’ as we look to grow our student body organically through recommendation.

16 NOVEMBER 2018

We drew this week to a close with a fabulous assembly led by Year 4 students. With parents willing them on, in front of an enraptured audience, they performed admirably. Students were particularly taken by the gruesome details shared, as we were given an insight into ancient life. 表演的机会为十大体育外围平台排名的学生提供了发展个人自信和提高语言流利度的机会……表演也很有趣! 

We have also played host to a significant group of prospective parents, friends and partners of the school this week. It gives me enormous pleasure to open up our campus and great pride in walking through our learning spaces – active, engaged. Of particular note, a visit from the Under Secretary for Education, Dr Christine Choi, 让十大体育外围平台排名强调什鲁斯伯里与教育局的共同抱负,期望彼此携手合作,推动香港成为国际商业目的地. Our long standing partnership only strengthens our bond to the region.


With my trip to Bangkok postponed, I enjoyed leading our Friday assembly in remembrance of those whose lives are affected by war. Falling in close alignment with our current theme of empathy, we spent a moment to mark our own personal reflection.

The week began in upbeat mood thanks to the visit of the Ex Cathedra Choir. They certainly left their mark, 一系列的研讨会和表演整齐地结束了最后的歌唱大会,吸引了一大群家长,他们的脚都在敲击着. Staff and student were equally effused, thrilled at the opportunity to sing and dance with real abandon. We are hugely grateful for their time and very much look forward to seeing Ula, Susie and Rob again next year.

We welcome a broad range of guests and visitors into school next week, but I am particularly looking forward to an end of week assembly led by our Year 4 students – good luck Ms Kingston!


We welcomed our full Board of Governors to Hong Kong this week and onto our brand new campus for the first time. Our meeting marked a milestone for the school and our journey together. Lunch was taken in the Dining Hall – and the group garnered great intrigue among the student body. It was with real fascination that new relationships arose.

Another significant moment in the history of the school, the end of the week was marked by a wonderful assembly performance by Year 5 and 6 students. Our first class assembly in the Auditorium, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the students and adults involved in shaping such a fabulous contribution. Thanks too to Mr Peck, who has set a high standard for others to follow!

Next week, I look forward to a trip to Bangkok, where I will meet with fellow Principals Ms Amanda Dennison and Mr Chris Seal for our termly meeting.

26 OCTOBER 2018

It’s been an incredible start to the second half of term, jam packed with events and activity. First and foremost, it is important to recognise the swell of support received for our Grand Opening on Monday the 22nd. We welcomed a large group of dignitaries, offering an impressive breadth of representation, alongside parents, friends and students. All were equally effusive and I feel hugely fortunate to be able to call upon such a range of support. The event proved to be a huge success and was neatly followed by an Evening Gala of extraordinary proportion.

The hosting of Shrewsbury UK staff and students was another significant marker. For many, a first visit to Hong Kong, they were both patient and considerate – our students benefitted enormously and I would like to offer my thanks to everyone involved.

We now look ahead to our very first, fully operational Board of Governors meeting and a trip back to Ancient Greece for our opening class assembly.

19 OCTOBER 2018

I do hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant mid-term break. While I’m sure that many of you will have taken the opportunity to travel, 其他人可能在香港享受了一段安静的假期——我知道十大体育外围平台排名的教学团队中的大多数人在他们抵达学校后的第一次休假后,都抓住这个机会去探索他们的新家. However you chose to spend your time, I am quite sure that we are all very ready for the second half of term to begin.

Preparations for our Grand Opening, Shrewsbury School musical tour and upcoming Board of Governors meeting have kept the operational team well occupied this week. I would like to extend my thanks to each of them for making the most of the serenity - next week, normal service resumes and I for one can’t wait!

12 OCTOBER 2018

What fun it was to act as host for our videography team this week. 他们在工作中表现得既敏感又自信,他们温柔地指导着整个过程,现在他们回到了剪辑室——十大体育外围平台排名期待着看到最终的剪辑. Thanks to students, staff and the selection of parents who were able to support for their time, patience and good humour!

We now look ahead to a well earned break. It is with great pride and admiration that I reflect upon the efforts of the school community. We have come such a long way together and have much to look forward to when we return.

I do hope you enjoy a restful week and look forward to seeing you again on Monday 22nd October.

5 OCTOBER 2018

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to staff and parents who have enjoyed their first set of Parent Teacher Meetings this week. It has been lovely to open up the campus into the early evening to accommodate mums, dads, grandparents and uncles – a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and reflect upon a successful start to our first school term.

We will be hosting a videography team next week, looking to capture a few shots of the school at work for a promotional short, along with a selection of local Kindergarten providers interested in transition to Shrewsbury. It will also be our last before a well deserved mid-term break.


I do hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Mid-Autumn festival. Students were keen to share stories of adventure upon their return – from Ocean Park to Disney Land and adventures at the beach, it certainly seems as though everyone was kept well entertained.

We also observed closely as our incredible Gymnastics Centre has come to life through the instillation of mats, bars and vaults. I look forward to observing the first few sessions as students take their own tentative steps towards Olympic glory!

I know that many of our families will be particularly excited about their first Parent Teacher Meetings next week. They will act as a useful touch point for families keen to hear how their children have settled into their first school term with us, as we continue to work together in support of your children.


Following the events of the weekend and the subsequent suspension of classes, it was a relief to see students return to school on Wednesday this week. Each brought with them a story of their own - each affected in their own way. 

Our thoughts remain with those, both within and beyond Hong Kong, who felt the impact of Typhoon Mangkhut most heavily. 

It is at times like these that a community must stand in union. I do hope you all enjoy a peaceful weekend ahead.


As another wonderful week draws to a close, I reflect positively upon the wide range of opportunities already offered to our young students. They move with increasing assurance around the campus and certainly seem to be enjoying themselves!

With the academic year now well underway, it is perhaps little surprise that interest in the school continues to grow. Good news spreads quickly in Hong Kong – particularly when so generously represented by parents. 这一周的最后,我去了一趟中环,与一群对探索员工可能的选择感兴趣的企业代表会面. In serving the international business community, we also deliver global representation and a dynamic school population. The real winners here are of course our students, who benefit from the opportunity to explore a wide range of views and experiences.

We now look forward to the SCMP International Schools Festival hosted at the JW Marriott tomorrow. With a significant collection of school staff attending, we look forward to engaging with prospective families keen to join the Shrewsbury family.

Please do stay safe this weekend – we look forward to seeing you all again next week.


Our first full week with students and one filled with adventure and activity. Specialist sessions began and, with Music lessons utilising the Recital Hall, Physical Education lessons utilising the Sports Hall and Chinese Language lessons utilising the Library, the school facilities have been put to very good use indeed. The Teddy Bear’s Picnic in Year 1 yesterday afternoon was, however, the most prominent highlight… for me at least!

Next week, we can look forward to meeting prospective families on Saturday the 15th September at the SCMP International School Festival. Families considering application for entry in 2019 are urged to meet us there, or to make direct and immediate contact with the Admissions team.

31 AUGUST 2018

What a fantastic first few days we have enjoyed!

Our school campus has been filled with smiles and good cheer as the academic year began with a flying start. Classes have been abuzz with activity and relationships are blossoming in front of our very eyes.

Lunchtime is fast becoming my favourite period of the day. Students in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have developed rather discerning habits. 他们确实是很好的伙伴——尽管我可能无法(或不应该)在学年的每一天都吃三个不同的盘子!